Friday, October 7, 2011

Guns Up! Two great gun videos

In the first one, this is either the dumbest SOB on the planet, or the luckiest.

And this next one is just perfect. Maybe South Africa is on to something?

It's Texas/OU weekend and Texas A&M/Texas Tech weekend. UT/OU at lunch, A&M/Tech in the evening.

Yeah, I'm a Texas Tech guy. Undergraduate and graduate school alumnus. How can you not like a school whose motto is "Guns Up!"

It's gonna be a helluva Saturday.



kx59 said...

holey moley! I nominate that guy for an honorary darwin award. He didn't succeed in removing himself from the gene pool (does that count as a fail?), but if that is a bonified video, and not staged, he should be neutered.

Southern Belle said...

WHOOOOP! Gig'em Ags!

An Ordinary American said...

UT got a mudhole stomped in them, and that made my weekend.

As far as the other game. . .

I don't wanna talk about it.


ASM826 said...

I think it's faked. How many hang fires have you ever heard of in a modern shotgun? And if you were looking down the barrel, well, you'd look right down the barrel, not at an angle.

AOM's Cousin said...

That was no shotgun. Remington model 7600 pump rifle. Sounded like an .06 but who knows for sure. Appeared kinda fake but those dang Remis do have a bad rep.

Southern Belle said...

LOL AOA... I'm sorry my friend, I couldn't resist!

It was a good game though, regardless of the outcome. Nothing to be ashamed of.