Friday, November 13, 2015

Suggestion to employers regarding college protests.

Suggestion to employers looking at resumés from the upcoming December grads or classes of 2016:

I would strongly consider avoiding any recruitment or consideration of graduates from the universities we've recently seen in the news for their manufactured outrage and "demands" of everything be free and that they be paid more for doing less.

Even though the graduate you consider might not have been active in such a movement, you have to ask yourself: "Did they support or believe in it?" If they did not, then what did they do to try and negate the nonsense or did they petition and stand behind the faculty/leadership who was wrongly targeted and forced to resign?

As an employer, you want people of POSITIVE action. People who will back you, your brand, your operations, your objectives and your company's mission.

The last thing a small or mid-sized business needs is a recent new hire who comes in and after a while decides that he/she is the victim of something you or your business has been doing for years--and then stages legal actions against you, protests, and worse, recruiting other employees to stand against you.

There are plenty of campuses in America that are not entertaining this foolishness and who are producing outstanding prospects for the working world. I'm a proud graduate and staunch supporter of one such institution and you can check my Friends list here for people who are faculty at other such institutions. Those are the places I would carefully consider when it comes to
reviewing resumes.

What today's young people need to consider is that sometimes you are judged just as harshly by your non-actions as you are your direct actions. Failing to stand up for what is right is even more egregious than bearing false witness.

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Old NFO said...

Glad I'm out of the hiring/firing business... I'm afraid they wouldn't like me today...