Monday, September 7, 2015

Lest there still be any doubt

There is no more denying it.

The liberals/progressives who are hellbent on steering America right off the tracks and into the junkyard shared by Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, the former Soviet Union and others have made their voices heard.

Ironically it was over the three-day weekend that celebrates workers and the opportunity for achievement.

In a poll this weekend, socialist Bernie Sanders of Vermont took the lead over Hillary Clinton as the Democratic voters top choice in New Hampshire and that he was closing quickly in Iowa.

Of course, New Hampshire sits next to Vermont and most Americans still can't find Iowa on a map or without aid of a GPS. Both states share the same schizophrenia north of the Mason-Dixon line that South Carolina does for Dixie--namely that being that they are more confused politically than a cross dresser at a K-Mart blue light sale in the clothing department.

But the significant point here is that for years the Democrats have been denying their socialist goals and agenda for decades.

Until now.

Granted, the Hildabeast is no peach of a candidate and quite frankly, I've never thought she was electable as president. The only reason she won in New York as a senator was because of the Clinton political machine--cross it and you might end up in the Hudson River looking up at Captain Sully bringing his French made Airbus in for an unscheduled landing.

Yet, unable to put forth a better candidate (the Repubs have put up something like a baker's dozen-plus), the Dems figure it's time to go ahead and come out of the closet.

Not that most of America will notice, mind you. We're still too busy wondering where Bruce Jenner is going to show up next.

But much like his secret, the Dems' secret is out in the public now.

And it's every bit as ugly.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, they are truly out of the closet... And I'm just 'hoping' folks will pay attention.