Thursday, September 13, 2012

The idiocy of Uncle Sam.

A friend of mine met me for lunch today and was shaking his head in utter disgust mixed with disbelief.

He'd just returned from an appointment he and his wife and his three-month-old son had with the State Department to get their passports.

His was rejected because the State Department official said he was smiling. My friend told me that he argued he was not smiling, and in fact, was grimacing over the bureaucratic stupidity of the gov't drone reviewing his application.

The wife was rejected because the same gov't drone could not see her ears in the picture.

At least she wasn't smiling.

And just to make it a three-strikes and you're out typical government experience, their three-month old son's passport application was rejected because. . . get this--his eyes weren't open enough.

Did I mention my friends are Korean?

My friend got a little agitated with the gov't drone and explained that A) 3-month-old babies tend to spend a lot of time with their eyes close, B) All Asian 3-month-olds pretty much look all the same, and C) Even at three YEARS of age, the severe "slant" of a Korean youth's eyes are going to make them appear almost completely shut.

"Oh, I didn't realize that," said the gov't drone.

Best part about this idiot? He was assigned to the Asian desk.

God help us all.


Jim McKee said...

Oooh, your friend should file a discrimination complaint. THAT would fix 'em!

I am much aware of the government bullsh*t when it comes to LEGAL immigration. In filing to bring my then-fiancee over from Great Britain (our closest ally), my initial application was rejected. Why? I had been married/divorced twice previously. I had submitted the divorce documents from my second marriage, but not the ones from my first marriage. Common sense will tell you that you have to be divorced before you can re-marry, but you know the old saying, "Common sense - isn't". They could've specified exactly what they needed, but I suppose they couldn't be bothered, even though they had my home phone #, my cell #, and my work #. I could've appealed, but that would have an indefinite time frame, and no guarantee of success. So I just re-filed, to the tune of an additional $600, as well as extra time I had to wait to bring her here (we have now been married for over 2 years, and we're very happy).

We keep joking (well, semi-joking) that we're going to apply to get our fees back, since Obama is so soft on illegal immigration. My wife is not even a citizen yet, and yet is more patriotic than a lot of people I know.

Bakersfield Photographer said...

Does this sounds to be racism? Hmm. I don't know why they don't have to accept such simple wrong gestures. It's really sad.