Saturday, June 23, 2012

An 18-month-old, a pit bull and a piranha. What could possibly go wrong?

Headline of the year.

Unfortunately, it's a very real statement from the comments section of a story dealing with the Parents Of The Year nominees, Mr. & Mrs. Idiotards from the planet Stupider.

Seems the genius mom heard her 18-month old crying, finally went to investigate and saw that part of one of her fingers had been bitten off.

According to the sperm-recipient and egg-host, she "thought their pit bull had bitten it off."

Turns out it was their pet piranha.

This occurred, by the way, in the Chicago area which makes me wonder if the fish in question was one of the mayor's relatives.

Second question is, "If Obama had a pet fish, would it look like that piranha?"

Maybe we oughta just close Chicago down what with all the idiocy that is coming from there.


Old NFO said...

Nah, put up a wall, and shoot any that make it over the wall... Just sayin...

Graybeard said...

Being from Florida, where there's some sort of epic weirdness magnet lodged underground somewhere between Disney World and Miami, I naturally assumed it was somewhere here.

I am surprised to find it's in Chicago - Mogadishu on the Lake.

+1 to Old NFO. Put up a tall wall.

Anonymous said...

So Graybeard would that make it MOTL? Ranks right up there with MOTP (Mordor on the Potomac for the uninitiated).
O'NFO (you are part Irish aren't you - even barry claims he is :-) - I don't think there is enough cement, rebar and c-wire on the planet to make THAT wall..........