Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Proof the U.S. Air Force rocks!

(From the e-mail stack)

For those that remember the Golden Age of Rock 'n Roll.

Remember those great instrumental songs like Pipeline, Drums, Drums, Drums?

Do you remember Dwayne Eddy and Sandy Nelson?

Do you remember the Ventures and their great instrumental "Walk, Don't Run"?

Did you know that the original drummer with the Ventures when they started out was a 17 yr old high school kid who is now a general in the US Air Force?

Watch this clip where the Ventures get him up on stage to sit in on that famous song.

Speakers WAAAAY up--You're gonna love it!

Here is proof that the Air Force Rocks! Thought everyone would enjoy this history.
Some of you don't know the Ventures. Those that do, enjoy the clip, a little long but should bring a smile to your face.


kx59 said...

Air Force Brat, born in Landstuhl Germany here.
Dad was a four eyed weatherman in the AF in the late 50's.
Yup. The AF can rock the house.
I'm living proof. :-)

Old NFO said...

LOL, that is a good one! Ya just never know about people's history!