Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New company policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone.

Hey, how about that hope and change?

I find it funny, in a macabre sort of way, that coming up on four years later, the diehard liberals (translation: absolute idiots) are still wanting to blame George W Bush for the nation's unemployment woes.

Even with the Obama administration constantly weasling around with the stats (ie, dropping those who are no longer eligible to file for monthly unemployment claims from the statistics, intentionally adjusting then falsifying season hiring criteria for statistical purposes, etc), unemployment is a big problem for the Socialist Party, er, excuse me. . . the Democrat Party.

I'm trying to recall. . . I never saw a sign that said, "New company policy: We are not hiring until Bush is gone."

I recall hearing a bunch of Hollywood asses like Baldwin and Sarandon PROMISING to leave the country if Bush was elected, then promising again if he was elected to a second term.

Last I smelled, both Baldwin and Sarandon were still polluting the ozone layer above Hollywood.

I don't recall seeing signs that read, "New company policy: We are not buying any overpriced gasoline until Bush is gone."

And so on and so on.

Read the story here, and pay attention to some of the comments from actual business owners. Students and OWS losers can whine and bitch all they want, but the fact is, small business IS the backbone of America and Small Business is on a hiring freeze until Mr. When We Spread The Wealth Around It's A Good Thing is gone.

Business in America is hurting. Businesses in America are hurting. Small businesses in America are being crippled by our government, led by a community organizer who couldn't organize a one-Kenyan horseshoe tournament, let alone a group of advisers with REAL WORLD BUSINESS EXPERIENCE. Spoonfed CEOs like that jackoff from General Electric don't cut it


Rob said...

I posted your sign on my FB page just to piss off Liberal Family & Friends.

Old NFO said...

Excellent points all, and businesses ARE hurting, failing and refusing to spend $$ because they don't know what is coming next...

RVN11B said...

I suppose I should be comforted in knowing that I am not alone in having idiots in the family. Right this minute I have relatives who post that retarded picture of a 12 year old Trayver or whatever his name is, er was, on their face book pages. Obviously they just don't get it.

Especially when it concerns just how the economy runs, or is supposed to run.

In their one track mind it is all"Obama money"!

Dumb shits!

Liberalmann said...

What a cynical response to an economy that is improving and Obama's many policies favoring small business. I'm ashamed to call this person/company American.

Liberalmann said...

"Small businesses in America are being crippled by our government, led by a community organizer who couldn't organize a one-Kenyan horseshoe tournament..."

Really? How exaclty is Obama crippling small business? Love to hear your answer?

Maybe try this:

An Ordinary American said...


I own two LLCs outright and am one of four-partners in another. It is obvious that you may have a checking account and that is probably about as much as you know about owning/operating a business.

Small business, as a definition, can encompass any business that employs less than a thousand employees or less than a hundred or less than ten.

Virtually all small businesses are privately owned, are often sole-proprietorships or LLCs. Some may be incorporated.

There are no tax breaks, no TIFFs, no bailouts, no porkulus money from your nanny (government) so if a small business fails, it's shit out of luck.

Meanwhile, the Big Businesses get all kinds of tax breaks and pork money and stimulus money. This comes from both sides of the aisle, but Obama has been by far the most notorious to be as unfriendly to small businesses as any president in this nation's history.

Even Jimmy Carter's brother owned a gas station and Jimmy at least understood what a small business owner goes through.

You pay your taxes to the feds quarterly, to the state monthly. Better not get behind. Better not make a mistake--you don't have a legion of tax attorneys to lobby and befriend the IRS and DOJ and DOC. You screw up and it's your ass.

How about regulations? OSHA fucks over more small businesses than large for a simple reason--large businesses have large lobby budgets who feed politicians who can whisper a few vile words in the commissioner's ear and *poof* OSHA backs off.

Not so in the small business world.

Go try and start yourself a small business, Liberalmann, and I'm not talking about a sole-proprietorship you run from your garage or apartment bedroom.

I'm talking about a business in which you have to rent/lease/build/sublet a brick & mortar facility, hire a few people, have a vehicle or two, rent/buy office equipment, make payroll, supply healthcare (which Obama will MANDATE), etc etc.

Go do that, make it successful and then look at how much you are taxed under THIS administration compared to previous administrations, then come back here and tell us all about your wisdom and experience.

Bullshit links to stories done by other OWS losers like yourself carry exactly zero credibility around here or with the vast majority of my readers.

Go do a polling of NFIB or NASB members (we're members of both) and see how many small businesses support the Democratic ticket.

But again, go start your own business and make it work and operate and show a profit for even three years, then tell us what the problem is.

In the meantime, you best go see a urologist because you REALLY stepped on the old pecker this time--and with golf shoes on.


Cormac said...

Ordinary... on a scale of 1 - 10, how weird is it that I was a little turned on by your comment...?