Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Meet Chump of the Decade, Terrell Owens.

Why did the headline not surprise me?

Terrell Owens says he's broke, "in hell."

According to the story in Yahoo, and with excerpts taken from an interview with GQ, Owens made somewhere in the neighborhood of $80 million during his tumultuous, controversy-filled career.

For those of us that will never see eighty-million dollars, the figure looks like this:


Lot of zeros in that figure, but the biggest zero is Owens himself.

For the record, I thought TO sucked. As an athlete and especially as a human being. I had a minor business dealing with him some ten years ago, a very minor business dealing and he was a complete ass. One of our clients thought they might consider an endorsement from this overhyped nimrod. It took us less than ten minutes to realize the monumental mistake and walk out of the meeting.

To listen to him that day, you would've thought he had a friggin business PhD from MIT. He has a PhD all right, it's a Piled Higher and Deeper degree, and it's from BSU--Bull Shit University.

To listen to TO talk about his athleticism, you would've thought the Heisman was going to be re-named the Oweisman. I--and legions of others--know better. I saw him drop passes in Dallas that should've been caught. For the money the Cowboys' idiot owner wasted on TO, those passes should've been caught, branded, BBQ'd and personally stagecoached into the endzone by TO.

I always thought TO should've tried catching passes with his mouth. Big target and always open.

And now the idiot's broke, and as usual. . . blaming everyone but himself for his problems.

Funny thing is, who can he blame for the four kids he sired by four different women that he admits never having really dated? He refers to three of them as "repeat offenders."

All four are suing him because he has no job, no money and can't pay the combined $44K the courts ordered him to pay. (On a side note, any woman who claims to need $10,000 a month in child support is every bit as full of crap as the idiot who impregnated her. I have no sympathy for these women and consider them little more than prostitutes who are suing for breach of contract.)

No NFL teams will even talk to him, and TO claims it's the media's fault.

Maybe he wants to look at the calendar? The stupid arrogant SOB is 38-years-old, which is ancient in the NFL, save for Brett Favre. What idiotic owner (shhhh, Jerry Jones might be reading this today) would pay an over-the-hill, loudmouthed, locker-room wrecking has-been with concrete hands any sort of money at all to come join his team?

But Terrell says it's everyone else's fault. He even goes so far to say that even knowing all the mistakes he made, he wouldn't change a damned thing because it would "disrespect his grandmother, who raised him."

He blew $80,000,000.00 dollars and has stooped to blaming his grandmother.

What a chump.

Unfortunately, in the NFL and professional sports, Terrell Owens isn't alone. But at least for once, he stands at the top of something.


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Old NFO said...

ALL true... And he will NEVER accept responsibility for his actions...