Thursday, February 2, 2012

Steve Jobs is spinning in his urn right about now.

His beloved company, Apple, has just screwed over millions and millions of loyal customers all over the globe.

As geeks will be geeks, geeks love to tinker with computer and technical related things in which there's not a damned thing wrong with them.

Tinker to tinker, just to be geeky.

The latest geekdom fiasco involves not Microsoft (at least directly) and Windows, for once, but the once bullet-proof Apple computers.

A security upgrade was issued, and for Apple owners, the upgrade was marked as "critical" and supposedly had to do with security.

So millions of loyal and trusting Apple users the world over installed the upgrade, and received a poison pill in return.

Millions of Apple computers around the globe are now crippled. Microsoft Office applications are hobbled--you can read, but often can't save, and can't print.

Quicken will not print checks, and QuarkXpress (design/layout application) all but disappears. Friends in the music and film editing business tell me they're dead in the water.

That translates into tens of thousands of dollars they lose each day they can't edit on their Apple computers.

More software is affected than I can list, and on the Apple discussion forum, more bad news pours in as more applications are affected.

Apple has been silent. Not a peep. No release. No news. No admission. No patch. No instructions how to undo their little poison pill.

Not a fucking thing from Apple.

So what do you say, Tim Cook, new CEO of Apple? You have your first crisis with millions of your loyal customers stranded and you and your company say nothing, do nothing.

Jobs would've already been screaming up and down the rows of cubes and workstations demanding to get this thing fixed. No less than a dozen incompetents responsible for allowing such a disastrous "minor update" to leave Apple's mother ship unchecked for the damage it would ultimately cause would have been terminated on the spot.

Maybe Mr. Cook is too busy still counting his $378 million dollar salary for last year?

Meanwhile, Apple users and businesses are busy trying to count how much money they're losing while Apple counts theirs.

Jobs has to be spinning in his urn.


Old NFO said...

That is bad, and yeah, he's probably up to high RPM by now... Guess I WON'T install that update...

Dick said...

You would think this would be all over the tech blogs, but nope. Maybe by tomorrow. They sure jump on other articles like this one quickly. Neither ZDnet or CNET have mentioned it.

kx59 said...

good to know. Thanks for posting this. I don't use apple products, but a friend, who happens to be a doctor uses them in her office. I'll be passing this on real quick like.