Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ron Paul Attorney General, Michele Bachmann Secretary of Treasury, and the rest of the 2013 Cabinet.

Let's face it. Romney isn't exciting anyone. Newt excels at irritating us. Santorum confuses us. Ron Paul is ignored.

While each has some strong points about them, none of them are what we need.

A good president appoints the right people, which is why our present Chosen One is so weak and ineffective.

But he still hasn't figured out that he's no longer community organizing. Or is he?

What the winning GOP candidate needs is to tell America, and the world, who his Cabinet will be. Do that, and the Dems do not stand a chance.

With no further adieu, here is my proposal for a landslide winning Dream Team 2013 Cabinet. Some departments would be combined, others outright eliminated--beginning with the Department of Homeland Security (moved under the Attorney General's responsibility), Housing (totally eliminated), Health and Human Services (moved under Treasury) and Interior--give the parks back to the States.

Attorney General: Ron Paul.

No one is stronger on the Constitution than Congressman Paul. No one. As AG, anything this government does will have to pass constitutional muster. No pass, no play. As a bonus, he can review the new president's Supreme Court nominees' records and decisions.

Paul would put an end to much of the BS presently carried out by today's law enforcement such as no-knock raids, random checkpoints for motorists, and gross abuse of authority under color of law. When it comes to the law, you cannot go wrong by strictly following our Constitution--and that is what we desperately need.

Secretary of Treasury: Michele Bachmann.

Bachmann understands tax law--the single biggest inhibitor to new business growth in America today. Furthermore, no agency abuses or intentionally intimidates the American citizen more than the Internal Revenue Service, although the numbnuts at the Department of Homeland Security are quickly catching up. Appoint Bachmann as SecTreas and instruct her to clean house, revise the tax code, abolish IRS, and make America prosperous again. To help her do that, we'll appoint--

Herman Cain, Secretary of Commerce.

Cain's record on private sector achievement is unmatched by anyone presently serving in government, and I would dare say, anyone who has ever served in government. The Commerce Department's entire raison d'etre is for the purpose of job creation, sustainment and helping keep the economy healthy and vibrant. Herman is the man for the job.

Secretary of Defense and Veterans Affairs: Congressman Alan West.

The Florida congressman and combat veteran understands the military, the American fighting man and woman, and more importantly, unlike the nimrods inside the Beltway, he understands our enemies. West has been there while hardly any of our present serving disgraces have. John Kerry doesn't count--Purple Hearts that he requested for wounds treated by a band-aid, then coming home to malign the very people he served with should have had him tried for treason and hung by the neck until dead. We need a warrior who's been there, done that leading our Department of Defense. West is the guy.

Secretary of Education and Labor: Mark Levin.

Levin has written two back-to-back New York Times bestsellers about what is wrong with America. He is an absolute Constitutional scholar and outspoken critic of today's educational system. He's also a strong supporter of Hillsdale College which teaches the Constitution.

I propose combining Education with Labor because I see the two as inter-related. Education results in a smarter, better, more affluent labor force and a better product for America. To that end, Secretary Levin would work closely with Secretary Cain.

Levin has no fear of the NEA or any other teachers' unions, is not afraid to step on toes, and doesn't give a damn what the media thinks of him. Give him Education with the instructions of cleaning house, fixing the problem.

Secretary of Agriculture and Energy: Rick Perry.

Perry has already served as Agriculture Commissioner for the State of Texas and Texas' standing in the world of agriculture is unparalleled. When it comes to energy, no one in Washington understands energy better than the Texas governor. In Texas, there is oil, natural gas, wind and solar power and the major universities continue to explore additional forms of energy creation. Why put a Beltway lifer who thinks gas comes from their Exxon credit card in charge of the nation's energy production?

Secretary of Transportation: Chesley Sully Sullenberger.

You know him as one half of the heroic flight crew that safely ditched his French-made Airbus in the Hudson, stayed aboard until all passengers and crew members were safely out, then exited the plane.

Sully is also co-chair of the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) Young Eagles program which provides first time small airplane rides to youngsters. Sully is a military veteran and airline captain who has traveled all over the U.S. and the world. Unlike our past appointed SecTransportation jesters, Sully did the driving rather than the riding. He knows what is needed to traverse America, North America and the world. He knows what gets in the way and what helps. Sign him up.

And finally--

Chief of Staff: Sarah Palin.

No explanation needed.


Jim McKee said...

Good post, but I would put Sarah as Sec. of State.

An Ordinary American said...

Jim--I left out Secretary of State because quite honestly, I don't have a friggin' clue as to who would do well there.

Unfortunately, THAT is a post that generally does require an experienced politician. I actually think Newt would make a pretty decent SecState. The position also requires a lot of diverse formal education, which is why Condi Rice was so good and Colin Powell was terrible.

I like Palin as Chief of Staff because CoS generally sets the agendas, controls the media, hires and runs the entire White House staff and is the first line for political advice to POTUS.

I think Palin is pretty savvy, would skewer the traditional mainstream media, and give solid advice to POTUS while running one hell of an efficient White House--unlike the present bozos we have.


RVN11B said...

I have absolutely no arguments to any of the choices.

All seem to be right on target.

Tango Juliet said...

I concur.

Anonymous said...

Good Choices

kx59 said...

I nominate John Bolton for Secretary of State.
Great post AOA. I'm not absolutely sure Crazy Uncle Paul is right for Attorney General, but I could work with it if the rest of your appointments were in place.

agirlandhergun said...

I am begining to have more faith in you making the appointments for said positions then in any of the current people seeking to do the job.

Liberalmann said...

God help us all if this would ever happen. This bunch of nuts, zealots and pea brains would surely be the demise of this country. To even suggest this proves you are not interested in average Americans.

Heroditus Huxley said...

Liberalmann: pot, meet kettle.