Friday, February 17, 2012

The government's manipulation of your mind continues. Fortunately, only the idiots believe it.

There used to be a time in which you could actually trust some mainstream financial publications like The Wall Street Journal. But as we've seen of late, Wall Street has fallen into the pocket of Washington D.C., so it stand to reason that the WSJ has as well.

Look at the headline from a few days ago, "Jobless claims fall to nearly four-year low."

By this reckoning, we should be on Happy Street, singing Zippity-Doo-Da out our collective butts.

Why is no one dancing except for the Obamas?

The housing market is down. Gasoline prices are skyrocketing again. Many national retailers, even, like Walgreens are on a national hiring freeze. Jobs lost are not being replaced at the nation's largest drug store chain except in case-by-case scenarios.

But the government releases a report about jobless claims using Enron-accounting like tactics, and a publication once respected like the Wall Street Journal jumps right on and happily parrots what this administration demands we believe.

The reality is that there are a variety of other factors at play here, chiefly of which is that we, as a nation, are going broke faster than Terrell Owens.

Even at 99 weeks of unemployment, or almost two years, people laid off around or after the anointment of the Chosen One have exhausted ALL benefits. They CAN'T apply for new jobless claims because they ain't got any.

So, they become a new statistic to the government by becoming a non-person. They can't file a new unemployment claim, so therefore our geniuses inside the Beltway conclude that they must've found work.

Only the head-up-the-ass elected clowns and their mindless minions can come up with logic like that.

Only the American mainstream media can believe it.

Only Utopian American liberals can trust in our government.

No wonder we're in such bad shape.

Want a more realistic indicator of how our job market is doing? Take a look at the number of Americans on food stamps and other supplemental forms of welfare. Then take a look at how much more our government is wanting to tax the remaining businesses and individuals that have somehow managed to remain financially solvent in order to support the citizens that our government has helped ruin.

Socialism. It's what Obama, the Democrats and the liberals are about. Remember the Chosen One's famous campaign utterance to Joe the Plumber about "When we spread the wealth around, it's good for everyone."

What a dumbass we have for president.

Mr. President, you may be able manipulate the numbers coming out of your cesspool administration, but you cannot manipulate the facts. The facts are that unemployment claims are not going down--the benefits for unemployment are running out for those who cannot find work.

The facts are that more Americans than ever before in the history of the very nation you despise and continue to destroy are on some sort of welfare assistance. Even your own CBO bears this fact.

Oh, and speaking of your Congressional Budget Office? Here's what they have to say about real unemployment. They're reporting actual unemployment at 15% as of January 2012.

Yet one more example why the mainstream media is no longer relevant, nor trustworthy.

Here's an excerpt from that CBO story:

Worse, the CBO reports that the ravages of the Obama Economy have created an unprecedentedly high rate of long-term unemployment, which the CBO defines as a person who has been seeking work for over 26 months.

Over 40 percent of people who are currently unemployed have been out of work for more than half a year, as compared with about one-quarter during the 1981–1982 recession. The extent of long-term unemployment is much greater than would be expected on the basis of its historical relationship with the overall unemployment rate.

That means that during the 1981-1982 recession President Ronald Reagan led America out of–which was the only other time in the post-World War II era that unemployment rose above 10 percent as it did in October 2009 under Barack Obama–long-term unemployment was 15 percent less than it presently is today under Barack Obama.

The CBO report was issued at the request of Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI).

A Democrat with guts. Of course, Rep Levin resides in one of the states most devastated by the Chosen One's politics. Any port in a storm, I suppose.

How will the clowns inside the Beltway try to manipulate this?

Remember all of this come November and vote against every damned incumbent office-holder in Washington.


Anonymous said...

I think it was Borepatch who speculated that re-electing Barkie might be a GOOD thing - America would go down in a 'blaze of idiocy' (I love that particular turn of phrase) - and the sooner it happens the sooner the rebuilding can begin. Getting a repub in there will only delay the inevitable.

I hate to say it but I think the man is right. Further, I think America needs to divest itself of some of its States. California being first and foremost among them.

Old NFO said...

Yeah, manipulation at it's 'worst'...

Liberalmann said...

And the right loves to spread what they know are lies to the dumber amomg them-which is most of them-to keep them ignorant and down trodden.

Let's get the facts, eh? And by the way, Obama has nothing to do with setting the price of oil (see what I mean?)

Obama and Bush Debt Comparison:

Private Sector Growth Under Obama:

Obama and Bush Unemployment Comparison

Who increased the debt?:

An Ordinary American said...

Liberalmann--we see you're still using your liberal rags/publications for their more appropriate purposes in the OWS porta-potties (aka: bushes, police cars, etc).

Fact is, is unemployment lower now than it was four years ago?


Are more people on food stamps and other forms of gov't welfare today than four years ago.


Bottom line.