Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A new low for a bottom feeder (that would be our president).

I'm too mad to do much typing on this one. I'm simply going to give you the link to the story.

This SOB has got to go in November.

Has to go.


Liberalmann said...

BFD. Obama gave the order as Commander in Chief, was present in the Mission Center and did something Bush didn't bother with; killed Osama. Romney criticized him for doing so. The GOP politicized the war()s) to end and called Obama an 'appeaser.' remember?

Get over yourself.

Bush kept blabbering for 8 years with no results and was not able to get Osama. But when Obama took over the oval office, he put special emphasis with new strategy to find Bin Laden. This is on record. He used a different strategy with renewed efforts. He deserves the credit for going after with new rigor. It is a celebration for our nation to get him under Obama's new strategy. I know the GOP fools don't like to hear that but it is a fact. Romney is a business man with only one core belief. That is how to make money selling snake oil.

An Ordinary American said...

I'm sure your speaking from your vast military combat experience, right?


Liberalmann said...

That's all you got eh? Ok. Facts are facts and yes, I am ex-military (intelligence).

Obama also called and credited Bush publicly.