Friday, May 18, 2012

Dear Gander Mountain: Kiss my money and my ass goodbye.

Gander Mountain has made untold tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars from gun-owners, hunters and sportsmen.

To thank us, they crapped on us in Wisconsin.

Worse yet, they crapped all over us in order to appease some stinking bed-wetting anti-gun asshats.

I'm really too pissed off to write a whole lot about this, so I'm going to just post some links for this and be done with it.

But here is the letter from the NRA-ILA:

Host Venue Caves to Anti-gun Pressure and Cancels

Dear Wisconsin NRA Member:

Anti-gun activists bombarded Gander Mountain with bullying phone calls and emails regarding this week’s planned NRA-ILA Grassroots Workshops, urging them to cancel.

Despite NRA-ILA’s long history of holding Grassroots-Election Workshops at Gander Mountains all over the country, and in Wisconsin, Gander Mountain has caved and canceled NRA-ILA’s Workshops at their Wausau location on Tuesday May 15, and their Eau Claire location on Wednesday May 16.

Despite these efforts to silence NRA-ILA and gun owners in Wisconsin, we have rescheduled these events. It is now MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER to take a stand in support of freedom and Gov. Walker by attending one of these Workshops. Show our opponents we will not be silenced!

We encourage you to join us at these new locations and prove to these anti-gun activists that gun owners in Wisconsin will not be silenced. Now more than ever it is important that you attend one of our FREE workshops and invite every NRA member that you know to attend!

How Gander Mountain could put the whims and interests of radicals who DO NOT SHOP AT THEIR STORES over that of their own longtime loyal and supportive customers is unfathomable.

If you care to contact Gander Mountain and let them know what you think, click on this link.


Rob said...

So sad to hear coming from a outdoors store based in MN. I guess they don't want to be in business anymore.

Dick said...

Them catering to people who don't give them any business is the best comment I've seen about this asinine behavior. Good one.

Robert Fowler said...

This is what I sent to G-M

Since you have seen fit to cancel the NRA-ILA workshops in two of your stores, I will never shop with you again. The NRA has stood for our rights for years and yet you cave to some gun haters that have probably never spent a dime in your stores.

I hope the enjoy what little business they will have left.

MikeyB said...

They'll fold within 36 months and Cabella's will buy their stock and stores.

Old NFO said...

Gah, more PC bulls**t... They've lost me as a customer forever!

Real Men Don't Drink Milk said...

And how about Joe Biden telling us Republicans that “We Don’t Get It” and telling us about the American Dream, and working hard to be successful?
Well I have news for you Mr IDIOT! You DON’T GET IT! And neither do the idiots who put you in that office.

Steve Rovinski said...

Gander MTN. you have just closed the doors on yourself,how do you like putting yourself out of business by bowing to the lefties anti gun enthusiasts the 10 percenters who don't even shop your store and leaving the other 90 percent who shop there all the time out in the cold you have burried yourself,I and all the Wisconsin sportsmen CCW permit holders and gun buyers with not set foot in your store ever again,or buy online either,also I will and have told everyone I know to do the same I hope your happy now,By the way guys
cabalas in Richfield Wisconsin has decided to do the same so we are putting them on the no buy list also they are going to lose a ton of business

Anonymous said...

Gander Mountain stopped giving the army men here at Ft Bragg the 10 percent discount, i dont shop there anymore so next year i will drive 50 miles to Garner NC to Cabelas.