Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hanoi Jane. Ready, Aim, Fire.

I got an e-mail the other day. It was one I've seen circulating for a few years, and some of the stuff in it was largely false.

But it still burned my ass.

It was an e-mail reminding me of the Left's incessant and unending love affair with one of the more notorious, infamous traitorous pieces of slimy human sewage we've had in several centuries.

That would be Hanoi Jane Fonda.

Lot of the younger generation have absolutely no idea who she is. But since Clinton liked her and Obama likes her and the sagging-boobed bra-burners of the 60's like her, they think she must be cool.

She's not.

Anyone who goes to the enemy in the middle of a war, gives aid and comfort to the enemy, speaks out against her own country, speaks out against the military men and women of her country, and then who volunteers for numerous photo-op propaganda pictures with the communist North Vietnamese is a traitor.

I remember all too well the Hanoi Jane urinal targets. Many, many, many a beer at various NCO clubs was recycled into useful ammunition and then fired appropriately at this skank's likeness.

A while back, Hanoi Jane got all pissy because QVC cancelled an appearance by her on its show at the behest of thousands upon thousands of infuriated vets who promised to boycott the channel forever. QVC did the right thing. Fonda was pissed and bemoaned the "mentality of a boycott."

Isn't that ironic? The left is constantly calling for boycotts of ANYONE they disagree with. Well screw them and screw Fonda.

So, for some of us, a trip down memory lane. For some of the younger generation, an educational experience.

There are some things that you just never forget.

This is one of them.


Murphy's Law said...

Amen x2! I would not piss on her head is she were on fire.

Anonymous said...

She should have been shot for treason