Thursday, May 17, 2012

Autopsy reveals Trayvon Martin had drugs in his blood and urine. What an incredible surprise.

ABC just released the story.

Shock me.

When this whole mess first broke, Zimmerman was portrayed as a 300-pound hulking mass of black-hating right-of-the-Ku Klux Klowns wannabe Nazi.

Trayvon was portrayed as having sprung straight from Mother Theresa's own holy-lined uterine womb.

NBC was one of the first perpetrators in turning this into publicity chum for race-baiting asshats like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Selective editing of the 9-1-1 call between Zimmerman and the Sanford police dispatcher proves that beyond reproach.

I hope Zimmerman sues NBC out of existence. I wish advertisers had the balls to walk away from NBC for the duration of this entire trial fiasco.

Yeah, I know. I also wish the tooth fairy was real.

Of course, back to the media, it was ABC who rushed to broadcast some crappy footage in which they claimed they didn't see any blood or dangling appendages from George Zimmerman as the police were taking him inside the station. Now ABC breaks the story about Martin being doped up. Go figure.

I read on John Lott's blog where the medical report listed off Zimmerman's injuries and they were one-hundred percent consistent with his story of self-defense.

Now the autopsy on Saint Trayvon indicates the gunshot wound to ALSO be consistent with Zimmerman's story.

In other words, everything that is coming out that can be PROVEN as factual is supporting Zimmerman. The assertions offered by Saint Martin's race-baiting ambulance-chasing "show me the TV cameras and cash, baby!" crowd is systematically being proven to be nothing more than the typical bullshit Sharpton is famous, er INfamous for.

What a surprise.

How many years has it been since Tawana Brawley?


Liberalmann said...

Zimmerman stalked Trayvon, who was innocent. He got out of his car to pursue him further (after the cops told him not to). I don't care if he lost him or during whoever attacked who, he may have hurt Zimmerman fighting for his life (or Zimmerman faked it to feign innocence). He was chased and murdered.

Old NFO said...

Not long enough, some of us still remember that BS... and the Fibbies are going after him for a hate crime cause he 'stalked' Martin (supposedly)... I wonder if Martin was the stalker... Just sayin

kx59 said...

No mention in the news yet of bruised or cut knuckles on Zimmerman. Zimmerman must have punched Trayvon in the hand with his nose.
As this story has developed, all the actual facts coming out corroborate Zimmerman's account.
But, of course, many, like the first to leave a comment don't want to be confused by facts because their mind it made up!

Liberalmann said...

Bad news for Zimmerman:

9 New Pieces Of Evidence In The Trayvon Martin Case

1. Two days after Trayvon Martin’s death a woman called the
police to say that George Zimmerman has “racist tendencies” and is
“fully capable of instigating a confrontation.”
5. One witness was “adamant that there was no physical fighting at the time the gunshot rang out.”

6. PHOTO: New picture of George Zimmerman the night of the shooting:

Co-worker: Zimmerman bullied me with racist taunts:


Aaco-worker of Zimmerman’s has testified to prosecutors that the former

neighborhood watch captain bullied him at work and relentlessly taunted
him with racist jokes.

Will said...

I told some of my classmates that I thought Trayvon was probaly on drugs a few weeks ago and they looked at me like I had said Hitler was cooler than the Beetles. Boy I can't wait to bring this up in class and see what they say...

Also the whole trace amounts thing is a load of bullshit. I had a relative who just drank a bunch of water and passed a drug test a day after smoking a joint. If it's showing up in "trace amounts" on a test, you smoke a lot of weed.

Liberalmann said...

He had traces of THC which means he smoked pot in the past few weeks. Not enough was found to indicate he was high at the time. And so what if he was, how many of you actually believe pot makes you violent? Lol!

Anonymous said...

@ Liberalmann:

"Two days after Trayvon Martin’s death a woman called the
police to say that George Zimmerman has racist tendencies and is fully capable of instigating a confrontation."

"Aaco-worker of Zimmerman’s has testified to prosecutors that the former neighborhood watch captain bullied him at work and relentlessly taunted him with racist jokes."


Seriously, this is all you've got? Your counter argument to ACTUAL PHYSICAL EVIDENCE are personal opinions from unnamed sources that obviously disliked Zimmerman even before the shooting.

Besides leaked police statements and autopsy reports that you chose to ignore, here are some more inconvenient FACTS about Saint Trayvon:

- suspended from school 3 times for vandalism, possession of a marijuana baggie and possession of a burglary tool with 12 pieces of stolen women's jewelry.
- bragged on Twitter about date-raping a 14-year-old girl from school after drinking and smoking weed.
- also bragged on Twitter about dealing marijuana / tested positive for THC in toxicology report.
- attempted to sucker-punch his school bus driver / organized and refereed street fights, posting them on YouTube.
- habitual tardiness and truancy from school.

Stop lying to yourself. Trayvon was a violent thug with a future of incarceration ahead of him NOT an innocent civil rights martyr. His death was appropriate for the lifestyle HE DECIDED to pursue...LIVE like a thug, DIE like a thug.

Erin Palette said...

Why do you guys continue to feed the troll? The appropriate action is pointing and laughing.