Monday, May 21, 2012

A country that needs total eradication.


Eradicate it. Bomb it off the face of the map. One big stinking, glowing, oozing crater.

It's beyond Man's ability for redemption. A nation of stone-age savages with IQs less that of even our most ardent liberal elected officials and their constituents here in America. A wasteland of upright animals who pose as men only because evolution lingered long enough to give them facial hair and dicks, otherwise they never would've left the primordial ooze.

There are few places on Planet Earth that are more of a waste of oxygen, sunlight and resources than Afghanistan. Even Detroit has more redeeming value than Afghanistan.

We're fighting a war over there in which there is only one way to win: Total and complete eradication of the country itself. Nuke it, then nuke it again. Then nuke it some more to ensure that it will remain uninhabitable until the sun finally fizzles and goes out.

Any country who produces a predominant culture of creatures who routinely abuse and disfigure their young women the way these piece-of-feces Afghans do DO NOT deserve a place at the table of Mankind. Period.

The only thing more disgusting is that we have liberals in this country who stand up for them.

We should export them (the Afghan culture supporting liberals) to Afghanistan in between Nuke #1 and Nuke #2.

Good riddance.


Dick said...

I agree with you. Only problem is the will to do it, which is lacking in today's political and social structure.

Anonymous said...

A great need for mushroom clouds

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, I'm from Pakistan and many of us think that Afghanistan is the worst country in the world.

There are over 2 million illegal Afghans living Pakistan, they sell drugs, beg on the streets and rape women.

Just recently, an Afghan girl got killed by her Afghan tribe because she cheated on her husband.

The Afghans have brought their barbaric Tribal customs to Pakistan, the Taliban was originally from Afghanistan and they've infiltrated Pakistan.

Afghan fanatics indoctrinate hate at Mosques and rape little boys.

That being said, I don't think Afghanistan should be nuked, NO country deserves to be nuked.

There are many little kids and women living in Afghanistan, I don't think they deserve to die.