Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Civil rights, citizenship and ID.

Yesterday, we finally got to vote in Texas so far as the primaries are concerned.

At issue was the usual whining of the liberals who got their left-leaning butts kicked in the past two statewide elections here, and with the increasing population here, saw new districts created and voter-district boundaries changed.

I'm old enough to remember when Texas was a solid Democrat state. Even then, a Texas Democrat was more conservative than a Maine Republican. Seems to still be the case.

Good riddance, Olympia Snowe(job).

Anyhow, we finally got to vote and at the polls yesterday, which we had a helluva time finding out WHERE we were supposed to vote (another story), my wife and I both showed our IDs along with our voter registration card.

The poll worker told us that wasn't necessary. I insisted it was. "Want to make sure you know we're not dead and we are who we say our voter ID registration card indicates we are," I explained, with no smile on my face.

Thinking about that, I pretty much fumed the entire time I was voting against candidates. I'm used to voting against candidates rather than voting for candidates, because quite frankly, let's face it, today's politicians just flat suck.

On one hand, that could also be another story, but then again, they suck because voter fraud has become so rampant across the United States that it is putting these corrupt piece of crap politicians in office.

I remember Hillary Clinton making the push for convicted felons to be given their voting rights back. Sorry, Shrillary, but when you screw over your own society and the rules state when you do that, you forever forfeit certain civil rights, then that's that. But Shrillary had no particular compassion for the "reformed" rapists and drug-dealers she wanted to hand voter registration forms to--she just wanted more poll numbers on her side.

Conversely, hypocrites like Clinton (redundant) oppose having to show positive ID to prove identity and thus eligibility to vote in elections that shape (or mishape) this nation.


I've heard and read all about how it's not fair to minorities. How?

I've also heard and read how it's not fair to the "poor." Bullshit.

Who voter ID laws are not fair to are the dead and the corrupt. Unfortunately, this compromises a seemingly ever-growing segment of the Democrats' voter base.

They scream and squawk about "civil rights" and that no ID should ever be needed to exercise a civil right.

Fine. Then eliminate this form of ID that is required to exercise another civil right, and I'll shut up about voter ID laws.


Murphy's Law said...

Amen! If people have to show ID (and if Illegal Aliens cannot get ID cards) then elections might stop being decided by slim margins less than the number of illegal aliens, felons and dead people who are found to have cast ballots (but who are then never prosecuted).
If there was voter ID and proper purging of voter records to remove felons and the dead, Al Franken would not be in the Senate and Christine Gregoire would not be the Governor of Washington State.

Old NFO said...

Agreed! But of course we're RACISTS for even suggesting that actually 'showing' an ID is necessary...

Anonymous said...