Friday, March 9, 2012

Seven advertisers that we, as conservatives, can live without.

Last week I posted about the Sandra Fluke mess and a week later, I'm not the least bit remorseful over it.

She's a freeloading, typical liberal. She got a degree in "Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies" from Cornell, along with a degree in "Policy Analysis and Management."

Policy Analysis and Management? There's a friggin' degree in THAT? That's almost as amazing as a degree in Feminist Gender crap.

And these losers wonder why their future is in the cardboard huts occupied by the Occupy Wall Street sewage?

And since the freeloading President of Reproductive Rights (???) at age 30 can't find a real job anywhere else, aka a public sector job, she trots to a Catholic University and then begins demanding free birth control.

What the fornication has our country come to?

Even worse, what the fornication has our BUSINESSES come to?

Rush Limbaugh illustrated the absurdity of Fluke's absurdity and the feminists and squat-to-urinate males species of the nation had a collective PMS menstrual cycle.

And what do liberals do. . . what CAN liberals do?

They call for boycotts.

Liberals have to call on others to boycott because the vast majority of liberals are hypocrites when it comes to their own money. They prefer to tell me how to spend my money on issues, while they donate little to nothing to the very causes they ram down our throats.

Joe Biden is their poster child, along with Al Gore in his limos and private jets while lecturing the world about so-called greenhouse effects.

So the liberals begin twitting and tweeting and seven advertisers sit up and make it clear that they value the opinions of left-leaning socialists who favor more government handouts, higher franchise/business taxes, more regulatory controls over businesses, internet taxes, etc etc. . .

These seven advertisers have got to be seven of the biggest dumbasses there are. They are:


• Quicken Loans

• Sleep Train

• Sleep Number

• Citrix Systems Inc.

• Carbonite

• LegalZoom

Word had it that AOL was going to pull their advertising from Limbaugh as well. What a hoot--the same bankrupt company that bought the ultra-liberal Huffington Post.

I ordered from ProFlowers twice, and both times the flowers looked like hell, weren't delivered on time and there was no getting a refund. Offers of a discount on a future purchase. . .

We bought a Sleep Number bed when they were the fad. It sucked. Worst bed we've ever owned and it didn't even last six months in our house. Worse yet, we had to almost give it away because when we advertised it, too many OTHER people had either had similar experiences or heard about them. Maybe some folks like them, but they are nothing more than an overhyped air mattress.

LegalZoom? Yeah right. I'm going to trust my will and estate to an internet legal service. . . 'nuff said.

Carbonite going kinda bothers me, but I still didn't have any problem cancelling the accounts (one per computer in the house) we have with them and explaining exactly why.

Sometimes I like it when companies like the above "make their stand" because it FINALLY lets us know where they actually do stand, politically--and in this case, it is solidly with the far-left Democrats.

And that tells me all I need to know about them in terms of ever doing business with them.

Which is never again.


North said...

How about adding the companies that have dealings with Bill Maher?

Old NFO said...

+1 on North's comment, and IS good to know where folks stand!

agirlandhergun said...

The whole thing is insane and I can't believe anyone thinks this woman has a viable point, but old NFO is right. It's good to know where these companies stand.