Sunday, March 18, 2012

Public schools. Shut 'em down.

Whoever wins/survives the November dictator/king/czar election needs to dismantle the Department of Education.

Of course, if the Communist Party wins, they'll add to it because today's public schools are achieving the manifest.

This video from a college professor in Florida says it all and is THE most compelling argument for shutting down every public school in America, bulldozing them, and throwing at least nine out of ten teachers and administrators in jail.

Or, export them to Cuba or Russia or France or other socialist countries where they'll obviously be much happier.

To the percentage of today's youth who are not a part of this parasitic entitlement mentality group, my advice to you is you better damn well do anything and everything you can to set yourself apart from your leeching comrades.

In talking with other employers, we all agree: When we see young people coming in today to apply/interview for a job, our first impression is of the stereotypical Generation Y entitlement individual, and that means your interview starts off rocky and uphill.

Watch the short video. It says it all.

The professor is dead on correct. This is the kind of garbage our public schools and socialist government is perpetrating on the American citizenry.

I'd write more, but I'm off to raise some hell with my elected assholes to push (again) for private school vouchers and tax breaks for those parents who home-school.


Old NFO said...

Yep, the left wing loonies ARE indoctrinating our children... Concur with your proposal!

Liberalmann said...

You really need to get more information than from GOP controlled Fox News before you make ridiculous comments about public education. Yeah, let's go to Charter Schools only sponsored by corporations. Watch what happens to the truth then, my friend.

Anonymous said...

It's worse than you think too Tex, that is the hell of it. Our schools are literally liberal moron factories.

My kid is now learning what life is like in the real world and she is in for some really hard knocks. It's our fault too - we coddle them and spoonfeed them and then throw them out inot the real world and many of them just can't cope.

Good luck with your elected officials. Let me know if you need help building the gallows...

Anonymous said...

Sounds good.
We home school

Liberalmann said...

"Our schools are literally liberal moron factories." Spoken like a true wingnut. It's true, once a person learns a few things the lies and the hypocrisy of the right become very apparent. So, the GOP's answer; Kep'm dumb.