Saturday, March 3, 2012

San Diego sports anchor is a complete ass.

Is it any wonder that the mainstream media's relevancy to the majority of Americans is waning faster than their ratings?

Scrolling through some headlines this morning, I saw where some schmuck at the San Diego Fox affiliate got suspended for calling Danica Patrick a bitch.

Of course, he apologized and said he "never meant it, really.

I call bravo-sierra.

At issue was a remark Patrick had made over wondering why the media, and the sports media in particular, always refer to female athletes as "sexy," and especially if they're competing in a sport traditionally dominated by men.


I'm kind of a Patrick fan, although if she were my daughter I wouldn't be too happy with some of the racy stuff she's produced. As a retired marketing guy, however, I know what sells to the very crowd she is appealing to.

Can't have it both ways.

On the other hand, I think she has a lot to learn about the real world, such as her remark about "leaving it up to the government to make good decisions for us." I disagree with that, a lot, but like many of you reading this, I also laced up a pair of combat boots and put on an ill-fitting uniform and helped defend Americans' rights to think as they please--even if I disagreed with it.

But more importantly, I also think the young lady has guts. Lots of them. If you disagree, strap an Indy car on your back and go racing 200+miles per hour with a bunch of other cars buzzing all around you at the same speed. Or, strap on a NASCAR stockcar and spend all afternoon making left turns in front of 200,000+ screaming fans and tens of millions more watching on the TV.

The Fox anchor in San Diego looks like a geek. Looks like a typical sports reporter--a sissified loser who could never rise to varsity ranks or stardom in high school athletics, or even MAKE the team (the norm), so they have to settle for writing about others' feats and accomplishments.

Right off the bat, envy and resentment shows through in their writing. This pencil-necked geek in San Diego is no exception.

The most action-packed driving he's probably ever done has been on the PCH highway, so naturally he feels qualified to comment on a professional race car driver who also happens to be quite beautiful.

Maybe Patrick's remarks about wishing to be called something other than sexy were confusing since she IS sexy--even moreso when she poses in bikinis and the such, but again, was it reason for this pissant anchor to call her a bitch?

Don't think so.

Justice in this case would be more than a week's suspension without pay. That's a vacation. No, justice would be Patrick's dad or brothers or boyfriend taking this geek out behind the station in front of the other geeks, knocking his ass on the ground until he cried, then asking him, "How do you like that, bitch?"

The mainstream media. May it just go away.


Anonymous said...


Old NFO said...

Amen, and the sooner the go away the better... sigh

Dick said...

Sooooo sick of the MSM. Haven't had TV in 7 years, no newspapers, etc. Just the Internet and these creeps are just as pervasive and annoying as if I was immersed in their world.

kfg said...

I'll be a bit of the odd man out. I've been following Danica since she was a kid in karts and to me this is her looking sexy:

" . . .was it reason for this pissant anchor to call her a bitch?"

No, it wasn't. His error? Barking at the wrong stimulus. Danica has been "not nice" since back in those karting days. In fact she can be downright nasty; and for no apparent reason.

But then A.J. has never been rightfully accused of being a sweetie pie either. Although there are exceptions (Francois Cevert comes to mind), at the pointy end it is not a sport that is conducive to sweetie pies.

" . . .justice would be Patrick's dad or brothers or boyfriend taking this geek out behind the station in front of the other geeks, knocking his ass on the ground"

Again, I have to disagree. Danica would have this metrosexual little shit out cold in thirty seconds flat. She doesn't need to leave the fighting to the "men folk" and more than she has to leave the driving.

He's spend his thirty seconds screaming for help; like a girl.