Thursday, March 22, 2012

If you go looking for trouble. . .

George Zimmerman apparently wanted to be a cop.

He found out, the hardest way of all, it ain't so easy--and sure as hell isn't like the bullshit you see on all these equally bullshit "reality" TV shows like Cops and SWAT and other such crap.

Welcome to the real world, George.

For anyone, besides me, who has been living in a cave for the past few weeks, George Zimmerman is the guy who chased, confronted, fought and then shot a sixteen-year-old kid by the name of Trayvon Martin.

This happened in a popular third world resort town's suburb, Sanford, Florida, just outside of Orlando, Florida just south of the United States of America.

Anyone familiar with the story already knows all the details and "facts" as reported by the drive-by, race-baiting media. I won't bore you with those.

What's important for those of us who have CHLs (Concealed Handgun Licenses for the pacifist liberal readers) is that the old adage of "If you go looking for trouble, you'll probably find it" was once again born out to be true in this case.

Zimmerman saw something, he called 9-1-1. Great. End of story. He did his job as a concerned citizen playing watchdog for his gated community. Should've stopped while he was ahead.

Unless Trayvon Martin drew down on Zimmerman or decided to rush Zimmerman's SUV or something else, Zimmerman wasn't in any danger. He had a gun and a phone. Good enough--and hell, he was on the phone to 9-1-1 who told him to hang around and wait for a (real) cop.

Nobody was dying.

A CHL is not a license to go hunting. It's a license to defend yourself, lethally, from the hunters--those criminals and psychopaths and human sewage who prey on (seemingly) innocent and (seemingly) defenseless people.

I've had several "licenses" to carry firearms during the course of my life. The first was when I was in the military. Go figure. The second was when I was in law enforcement. Go figure. I now have a CHL as a private citizen and I have about as much interest in going around hunting bad guys as I do in being a research subject for some new strain of syphilis.

Been there, done that. Hunting bad guys, that is, not the other.

Hell, it was scary enough kicking doors and peering around corners of houses and going up stairs and into dark rooms looking for bad guys--even when I had other law enforcement folks with me.

Why in the bloody blue hell would I want to voluntarily do that on my own simply because I have a license to legally carry a firearm?

In Texas, I have the right to defend myself, my family AND my property using lethal force.  I'll do it, too, if I have to. But what I won't do is see some schmuck rummaging around the neighborhood and then go chasing him down and doing the Sergeant Joe Friday dragnet routine. My taxes pay our cops to do that. And even though they rarely do a very good job at it, I ain't doing it anymore.

I'm all for neighborhood watch groups. In one myself. I walk the Doberman at various times during the day in our little development and know most of the folks who live here. However, this is still America and I don't know them all, nor do I know all of their friends or relatives which means I'm not going to be dialing 9-1-1 everytime I see someone I don't know. In America, you're (for the time being) still free to come and go as you please pretty much wherever you please.

Message to Zimmerman: This is still America, son. You want to go chase bad guys, here's what you do.

You lose some weight, get yourself in shape and go join the United States Marine Corps--the best outfit in the world for chasing down bad guys and taking care of business.

But something tells me that you wouldn't make it past four or five nights on the Island, which would be good for the Corps.

In the meantime, you dickhead, your stupid-ass antics are making life a bit more difficult for millions of law-abiding CHL holders who have no aspirations to play hero. Thanks to you, we're being judged as though we're all of your challenged IQ and abilities.

Thanks a lot, asshole.


Rob In His Bunker said...

I live in Florida, and I am sick of all the media attention over this. You thought the C.A. case was bad this will make that look like a middle school play.

Tango Juliet said...

You're right. Unfortunately this is how we will all be judged.

Sad sad sad.

Anonymous said...

Very well said.
I have a License to Carry a Handgun from my home state of Indiana.I sure as hell do not go out looking for trouble.Let the folks that wear a badge take care of the problem unless you or our family is in danger.

Old NFO said...

Excellent post and excellent points... dammit... Now WE have to pay the price!

Liberalmann said...

Any person who carries a gun is just waiting for the opportunity to use it on someone.

An Ordinary American said...

Liberalmann--your ignorance no longer astounds me, nor does your pacifism.

Fact is, you're a coward. Plain and simple, you're a coward.

Your type chooses to mouth off from behind the veil of safety (freedom of expression) that I and millions of other veterans have defended, often times shedding blood for--all so you can mouth off about what horrible people we are.

Your mentality is such that you probably also think anyone who studies and learns self-defense is just waiting on the opportunity to use it on someone.

Just exactly where do you think the term "self-defense" comes from? It comes from the necessity of invention because liberal asses like you are too cowardly to confront criminals, punish them by way of tough incarceration or capital punishment, and in doing so, protect society.

No, instead we get pacifist cowards like yourself who clamor for more police, more government power and authority and less individual rights.

Your mistaken belief that government is benign and good and caring and compassionate only shows you for the complete idiot you truly are. An inexperienced closet wannabe academic "thinker" who only wishes because you lack the courage to pursue actual accomplishments.

I wish people like yourself would identify yourselves in such a way so that the rest of us would know not to:

• Stop and render aid to you if you're getting mugged or beat.

• Help you in any form or fashion if you're stranded on the side of the road.

• Not leave you a stinking red cent as a tip if you are my waiter or waitress since you believe "spreading the wealth around is a good thing."

etc etc.

But you won't do that. You're too cowardly to proclaim to the world what kind of a pacifist ass you are, instead taking full advantage of opportunities and freedoms others have secured for you.

But here's the rub: If the shit really hits the fan, people like you are going to be in for a world of hurt.

Pure, physical hurt.

Because people like me WILL knock the living shit out of you and you WILL feel pain and you WILL see your own blood.

You can call me all kinds of misanthropic names for this, but I don't care. You see, I have the power and ability to determine whether or not you continue to have teeth in your mouth of which to chew your organically grown food.

I have the power and ability to decide whether or not to rub your face in the sidewalk if you say something that pisses me off.

If a group of you accost and threaten me, I have the power and ability to use lethal force to defend myself.

You can whine, cry and argue about the "law will come and get me," but remember this:

You will still be in pain and bleeding, your face will always look like rejected samples from a bankrupt sandpaper factory, and since most liberals are also agnostic or atheists, dead is dead and that is that.

But in a "shit has hit the fan" society, you will not even have the law on your side because people like you do not contribute one damned useful thing to a well-functioning, productive society.

Never forget that, Liberalmann.


The Debonair Dudes World said...

I also blogged about this today, but I have another opinion on it.
Have a look see.

Robinsolana said...

The mainstream media and their usual rush to judgement when it comes to accusing, threatening, deeming guilty before we know the facts isn’t anything new…but the case of Trayvon Martin has been beyond belief and beneath contempt from what we’ve seen so far when it comes to the race-baiting hustlers like Sharpton, Jesse Jackson,NAACP’s Ben Jealous, Black Panthers, the CBC, Color of Change via Media Matters and of course Dear Leader and his side-kick AG Holder inserting themselves ect etc!
This is mob mentality, no doubt about it. They dont care if Zimmerman acted in self-defense or not, and I am not saying that he was. However in America we all get our day in court, we do not live by mod rule. they want whitey and thats the way it really is.
Zimmerman will walk if indeed the witness swears what he saw. So instead , they will not only go after Zimmerman, regardless of the truth, but try to change the gun laws as well.
If the Black Panthers get their way, then by God, we are living in dangerous times..

hardassamI said...

Good job on this post. I don't think that I can equal some of these great comments that are already here.

Anonymous said...