Friday, March 30, 2012

The novel gun-owners have been waiting for.

A novel written by a gun-owner.

A novel about gun-owners in which they are seen for the real people they are--hard-working, taxpaying people with lifestyles and interests as diverse as any other demographic rather than the "good ol' redneck beer-swilling skirt-chasing Bubba boys" so many other novels portray them to be.

A novel in which the absolute importance of the Second Amendment is shown in an inarguable example of our nation's original and first line of defense against "all enemies, foreign and domestic."

A novel that shows the enemies of freedom, both inside the U.S. and outside for who they truly are.

A novel in which it's not a super-hero government commando past or present special forces CIA bullet-proof character that repels the most serious threat ever lodged against Americans, but average ordinary everyday Americans who legally carry firearms.

On April 15th, the novel will be available for purchase online at, Barnes & Noble, Copia, the Apple iBookstore, the Reader Store (for Sony's e-reader), Kobo, Gardner', and Baker and Taylor as well as at selected pro-gun and pro-Second Amendment websites.

From the review stack (reviews from actual gun-owners who were chosen at random for advance proof copies):

Thoroughly enjoyed the book, will be purchasing copies for family and friends. I am a avid reader not many books get me unable to put down. Fine effort developing all the arguments against gun control.

* * * 
Above Reproach captures the heart of real Americans—loving freedom and being willing to do whatever needs to be done in order to preserve it. If this doesn't make your heart pump red, white, and blue, nothing will!

This book grabs you, and quickly pulls you deep into it's pages. An all too realistic look at what can, and very well may happen in this country in the near future. A strong statement on why every responsible citizen should be armed. Once you read this book, you will never leave the house unarmed again!

You've done a bang-up job rolling some of this nations toughest problems into a story that mirrors the thoughts and concerns of patriotic conservative citizens across this country, in a story that carries real life consequence for all of us.

To say that "Above Reproach" is a good read does not do this book justice! A page turner from the start to the end! Highly recommend this to any supporter of the Second Amendment!
An excerpt from the book:

Darren Holt raised his .357 magnum and drew a sight picture on the Middle Eastern man who had just pulled out an SKS rifle from his equipment bag. “Drop it!” he yelled, holding his weapon in the classic Weaver stance. The terrorist looked at Holt, then looked quickly around him as another burst of automatic weapons fire erupted. Looking straight back at Holt, the student raised his rifle and began to move the muzzle towards—
A thunderous double-tap knocked the SKS-wielding terrorist to the ground. Holt lowered his gun and along with two of his teammates, raced around the backstop to the other side of the baseball diamond where they’d heard the last burst of gunfire. Just when they were abeam the first-base dugout, they heard a pop-pop-pop-pop that Holt recognized all too well. Instinctively ducking, he followed the source of the sound and saw a sixty-ish year-old man holding a Glock pistol, and in front of him was one of the gun-toting terrorists, laying dead with a fully automatic AK-47 in front of him. Behind him in the parking lot, Holt heard four loud shots and wheeled around to see a young female student holding a small five-shot revolver. In front of her was the third dark-complexioned young man, also on the ground and dead with an AK-47 still in his hands.
Holt looked around and surveyed the scene. Local citizens everywhere had their guns out looking for danger. The older man with the Glock had put it back in his holster underneath his loose shirttails. Holt walked over to the young female, who was clutching her revolver with a death grip and shaking. “Are you okay?” he asked her gently.
“I-I-I-saw h-h-h-him just shoot those two people in cold blood,” the young woman stammered, on the verge of breaking down. “I had my gun out and then he saw me and turned towards me and, and, and—”
“You did the right thing, ma’am,” Holt assured her, gently taking the young lady’s gun from her. It still held one more live round, he saw upon checking the cylinder. “Let’s sit down for a minute, I’m a little shaky, too.” Flipping his cell phone on, Holt called for his wife to come over with the boys. All around him, local citizens were forming a protective ring around the ballpark. Somebody he didn’t know came up to him.
“You okay, buddy?” the stranger asked, handing Holt a bottle of Gatorade.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” he said, gulping down half the bottle. “Did someone call the police?”
“I did, as soon as I first heard the shooting,” the man said. “Did anyone besides the bad guys get shot?”
“Two old folks, over there,” Holt pointed, looking around him for his wife and boys.
“Dad!” one of his kids yelled. “Daddy! Are you okay?”
“I’m fine, I’m fine,” Holt assured the ten-year-old, mussing up his hair. Even though he was an avid sport shooter, hunter and reloader, he never thought he’d ever have to fire a weapon in anger, not here in Lubbock, Texas.
Finally the sirens could be heard, along with the wails of ambulances. Reaching over to the young lady who’d shot the last bad guy, he gently put his arm around her shoulders. She was no longer trembling. “The police are coming. Everything will be all right now,” he assured her, not realizing how foolish that sounded.
The college student turned and looked at Holt. “My mom argued with my dad over me having a gun. She was against it, big time. But for once, thank God, my dad refused to give in. I’d be dead if he had,” she said, pointing to the airweight revolver still in Holt’s hand. “That guy,” she said, motioning towards the dead terrorist she had shot, “was going to kill me and I don’t even know why.”

* * *
  © 2012 J.D. Kinman


agirlandhergun said...

Sounds very interesting!

DaddyBear said...

I'll be adding this one to my list for the summer. Thanks!

Jon said...

I'll attempt to get a copy and post a review on my website. Looks like a good read.

North said...

What the hell is a "bove"?

Might have to get this...

RVN11B said...

Where can I pre-order this book? I want one yesterday!

Tango Juliet said...

A thunderous double-tap knocked the SKS-wielding terrorist back almost five feet.

That is one heckuva .357!

Hopefully the rest of the book doesn't defy the laws of physics.

@Liberalmann, where oh where is the tolerance, the open-mindedness you guys claim to have?

An Ordinary American said...

Liberalmann--the only travels you have are from one OWS cardboard tent city to another.

We've already seen what you know about small businesses, operating them, starting them, etc.

We can only imagine what you know about firearms, self-defense and the reality of combat.


An Ordinary American said...

Tango--fixed it. :) No worries, there aren't any "shotgun blast lifted the bad guy and flung him through the window and into the open yard twenty feet away," stuff in there. I'll leave that to Hollywood.

And remember: liberals are usually the biggest hypocrites there are when it comes to guns. . . Rosie O'Donnell? Diane Feinstein? Et al.


Old NFO said...

Yea!!! I was honored to be one of the pre-readers, and I'm looking forward to reading it again! It's a damn good book! :-)

kfg said...

I assume you mean a new novel. I started reading novels before 1968. Many of them written before 1934. Many, if not most, of those were written by people who owned guns, as at the time guns were simply another common tool, like a bicycle or a hammer; not a political issue. Mary Poppins, a children's story, features a cannon, in London.

There seems to be a distinct difference in tenor between the old and the new.

For instance, you would not likely see a line like this:

"Darren Holt raised his .357 magnum . . ."

. . . in a novel written in a world where guns are simple, common objects he would raise his "revolver." If the author wanted us to know it was a .357 we would likely have known it before that point and he wouldn't have bothered repeating it.

This novel isn't the product of a gun owner, it's the product of a gun lover and even more so; a product of our times.

kfg said...

". . . concealed weapon owners . . . I've know quite a few in my travels . . ."

You have no idea.

Lila said...

Soooooo excited!!!

Shiroi Doma said...

Couldn't be happier right now! And STILL want a final copy for my own!

Shiroi Doma said...

I am so excited for you and equally excited to read the final- final version! Seems like just yesterday we were talking about the inception of this book while walking Iko. Time flies; truth prevails; an oath is forever. Damned glad you wrote the truth.

Hope there is more to come!

- SD

Liberalmann said...
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