Thursday, June 14, 2012

Racism, Guns and Escape from Chicago.

Yet another story of how safe the residents of Chicago are from the roving gangs of black thugs.

A man had his face beaten in over a dropped iPhone.

If you click on the picture, you'll there is not a white face in there. Likewise, if you read the story, you'll learn that not one of the attackers were white.

But the victims were.

A girl dropped her iPhone on the CTA Red Line train. A black thug picked it up and announced "it was his." The girl's companion asked for the phone back and was beaten. Badly. And he still didn't get the phone back.

Where is Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson? I'm still wondering if this asshat of a president we have would think that any one of the six gangsters would look like his son if he and the great moocher had boys.

No word. Silence. Nothing from the deadfish mayor, either. In fact, violence against whites has seemed to escalate since Rahm stole the mayor's office.

One reason is that guns are verbotten in Chicago. Even in spite of the Heller decision, the Chicago political machine that panders to the roving black criminal element and their sympathizers have outright defied the Supreme Court decision.

That is to say, the mayor, the aldermen, the police commissioners and their lap-dogs, the district attorneys and everyone in a position of authority defy the law of the land.

Fine. I propose we give Chicago the law of the jungle. The law of Darwin. In other words, fight back.

I'm sending a letter to my elected rats demanding that ALL federal funds be cut off from Chicago immediately until which time Chicago adheres to the Heller decision and allows its inmates, er, residents, to legally own a firearm inside the prison, er city walls and to obtain a CHL with requirements similar to those in any other state.

Secondly, I'm demanding that the elected rats send in the FBI and find these CTA thugs and arrest them for a hate crime. I'm sick and tired of a hate crime now being defined as "white on black" and no other way.

But what is really tough about this is if you go back to the story I linked to up top and read the comments. Racism is roaring to a white-hot inferno in Chicago and it is doing so because there is no leadership in the black community.

Anytime a Bill Cosby or other respected black individual puts out the call for accountability and to stand on your own two feet, the entitlement crowd within the black community calls that person an Uncle Tom.

And we, the non-black community put up with it because, for some reason, we're TERRIFIED of being labeled as a racist.

Not me. I grew up in as "diverse" of a neighborhood as possible in the early 60's and I learned at an early age that niggers and black people were two totally separate races. Black people taught me that. Likewise, my hispanic friends taught me the difference between "mexicans" and greasers. My friends taught the blacks and the mexicans (we didn't have the term latino or hispanic back then--our friends who were from south of the Rio Grande were often referred to as mexicans and absolutely zero offense was ever inferred or taken by it) the difference between white people and white trash assholes.

Every ethnicity has its gutter trash percentage that by their actions, cause racial stereotypes to not only exist, but to flourish.

I am not going to tell you that "some of my best friends are black" because quite frankly, I have to stop and remind myself that they are black. I don't look at them that way. I look at them as my friends. Asian, hispanic, black. . . doesn't matter.

Likewise, some of the sorriest individuals to ever steal oxygen from this planet have been as white as me. But I simply saw--and see--them as white trash.

Forget all this hate crime nonsense. A crime is a crime. Find these CTA thugs and arrest them, try them, imprison them.

Trayvon Martin? Forget the race crap. Trayvon was a thug and would've been a thug if he'd been polka-dotted.

Instead, let's start looking at our society as producers versus non-producers. Achievers versus non-achievers. Providers versus takers. Honest versus dishonest. Criminal versus non-criminal.

And let's arm the good people of Chicago to protect themselves against the non-producing, non-achieving, criminal element regardless of what color they may be.

In doing so, we'll lower the crime rate and begin to eliminate racism at the same time.


Boat Guy said...

The comments are "closed" , strangely enough...

Old NFO said...

I agree with THIS "Instead, let's start looking at our society as producers versus non-producers. Achievers versus non-achievers. Providers versus takers. Honest versus dishonest. Criminal versus non-criminal." 100%, well said AOA!

SciFiJim said...

This is such a prime example of why Chicago citizens need concealed carry. A couple of examples of blood letting (and why its proper to mind your manners on the part of the thugs) would solve the issue and civilized behavior would have a chance to take hold.

Pistol Grips said...

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