Friday, June 8, 2012

Only white people should have concealed handgun licenses.

That seems to be the message sent by a squad of uniformed goons in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Fellow Texan, pilot, patriot, gun-owner and blogger Sean Caranna publishes All Nine Yards, a blog about guns and airplanes and conservative things. He's a kindred spirit, to be sure.

He published this story on June 4th and my blood still has not stopped boiling.

There are two brief videos embedded in this blog post. The first shows a black man, Dale Norman, walking down the sidewalk, minding his own business when he gets slam-dunked to the concrete by five Fort Pierce cops.

His crime?

Allowing his holstered, concealed weapon to show--his tank-top had ridden up, exposing the bottom half of the firearm from what is seen in the video.

The goon squad sweeps in, guns drawn. Fine. You have a "man with a gun" call, in an apparently "economically challenged" area of town. But the nano-second the stormtroopers show up and jump out of their cars yelling, Norman complies one-hundred percent.

He makes NO THREATENING OR HOSTILE MOVES WHATSOEVER. For this, he gets ramrodded into the pavement, the proverbial knee in the spine while being handcuffed, yanked up, patted down, arrested and stuffed in the patrol car.

The catch? Dale Norman has a legal, lawful CHL. In fact, it had been issued only five days prior--so, as Sean points out, figure three of those days it was in the mail.

I understand that concealed means concealed. I also understand that here in the South, it gets hellishly hot and humid and proper "concealment" clothing isn't always as concealing as we'd like. Perhaps this CHL holder's instructor wasn't exactly top-shelf and didn't explain in great detail the necessity of staying concealed or the penalty for a "flash" which apparently is getting slammed to the concrete by five uniformed badge-toting apes.

You can't hear a lot of audio on the video but you CAN hear the radio exchange from dispatch to the units. What is not heard is any "panic" about a subject with a gun. What is also not heard is any information from the cops stating that the subject/suspect claims to have a CHL. The vast majority of permit-holders are pretty damned quick to let trigger-happy cops know that they have a PERMIT for the firearm they are carrying.

The cops did the right thing by detaining and restraining Mr. Norman, but they had zero reason to slam-dunk him and then treat him the way they did.

Story doesn't end there. Norman went to jail, spent the night in jail and the prosecutor has stated he intends to file and press full charges against this CHL holder.

Where the hell is the NAACP and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and the rest of the race-baiting alpha-hotels? I'll go out on a limb and ascertain that had this been a WHITE GUY strolling down a tree-lined street with $300K homes, he would not have been slam-dunked, would not have been arrested and taken to jail, would not have spent a night in jail and would not be the focus of an overzealous prosecutor.

But since it's a black man exercising his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, the liberal (read: hypocritical and cowardly) faction of the black community is nowhere to be seen defending this young man.

My blood is continuing to boil.

A few days ago, I wrote about law enforcement seemingly doing everything they can to start a war with the populace they are paid to serve. Incidents like this bring that war one step closer.

But what do we care, right? After all, it's just another black hoodlum who was stupid enough to think he could actually FOLLOW THE LAW and get his CHL but when it shows, well, let's just say he got what he deserved, eh?

The cops' actions were pathetic. Period. The prosecutor's actions are pathetic. Period. The lack of support from the (so-called) black community is pathetic. Period.

Give Mr. Norman a ticket for "flashing," require a couple of hours of supplemental education on proper carry and concealment, then drop the thing. The man took the time--and money--to attend a class, purchase a holster, submit to the background check, blah blah blah. And yet the police continue to treat him like the enemy.

No, make that treat US like the enemy--because I don't give a damn what color the guy's skin is.

It might be one of us in Fort Pierce on a hot day getting slam-dunked to the concrete.

Florida law enforcement is looking more and more like Chicago politics every day.


Robert Fowler said...

Like you said, they started it.

Old NFO said...

Yep, one step closer to the out and out rebellion/fight back if the cops keep going like they are... And pretty sad statement on Ft. Pierce that they are looking at pressing charges...

Anonymous said...

Their conduct is understandable and forgiveable.

I don't ordinarily disagree with you Tex. I know people will scream 'racist!!!' at me. I don't care. I don't care how offended they get, I don't care how offensive they get. The fact is that if you could wave a magic wand and deprive every black man of guns - gun homicide rates would drop by about 30%.

I suppose I should throw in a politically correct disclaimer in there for the bed wetters: I believe training trumps genetics every time. I believe the higher black crime rates are a function of their culture...and that shit for brained race whores like Al S. and Jesse J. seriously need to address the problem they have with violence - and take responsibility for it rather than blaming somebody else.

Tam said...

Get rid of the stupid concealment requirement. Period.

Texas & Florida are practically alone
in making it a crime for a licensed toter to accidentally expose a bit of get.

Tennessee based its late '90s revision of its CCW laws of the Texas CHL law almost verbatim, but was smart enough to ditch the concealment requirement for exactly this reason.

In most of the rest of America, the mere sight of a gun isn't even PC for a stop-and-frisk, let alone a pigpile on the sidewalk. Indiana's courts have ruled that, at most, a cop can ask to see my LTCH and, upon being presented with my pink card, that's the end of it; I may go about my business. Have a nice day, officer.

An Ordinary American said...

Tam--Agree 100% and I continue to raise hell with our Texas elected types to do away with the concealment requirement.

I have hope. Oklahoma has passed OC and we hate losing to Oklahoma in any way.

No doubt I'll be rooting for OU at this year's Red River Shootout in the Cotton Bowl.


Anonymous said...

I am glad Indiana is not a you must carry concealed state.In fact the law is mute on that subject.So most LEO's and people do not care about open carry.

Anonymous said...

I'm late the the show but, it is not a crime or offense to briefly show your weapon from concealment in FL.