Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How to pay a traffic ticket Texas-style

I have no love lost for over-zealous traffic enforcement. We can thank the Clinton administration and their "100,000 new cops on the street" BS that literally overloaded our suburbs and every little podunk town from Fishbite Falls, Iowa to Hogsnot, Georgia to Nutsack Central, California with their very own police force. Previously, the sheriff's office would patrol those same areas, but now a little town of maybe a thousand has its very own police force.

Of course, you have to pay for that somehow. . .

Enter that great bastion of legendary crime fighting known as "speed traps" and "rolling through a stop sign."

The last ticket I got was less than a hundred yards from my house in our little suburb. The barely-old-enough-to-shave officer accused me of "rolling through a stop sign" as I was turning left heading to my cul-de-sac. I'm pretty sure I didn't roll through it, but his word against mine, you know?

I went down to City Hall and raised pure effing hell with the city manager. I shouted that we must have ALL CRIMES SOLVED, CLOSED AND THE CRIMINALS CONVICTED AND LOCKED AWAY since we had so much time and resources to sit on our asses at 2:00 in the afternoon in dead-end streets waiting on a traffic violation.

And that is my point. During my time in law enforcement, I never met a good cop that wanted to be relegated to traffic enforcement. If they caught you busting a read light or scorching through a four-way stop sign or something of the such, they'd certainly pull you over and ticket you.

No problem.

But these dipdunk city managers and useless "chiefs of police" of these three-person departments who can only exist on traffic fines. . . That's not police work.

That's revenue collecting.

This guy had the right idea how to handle his fine and it's a work of pure art.


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