Thursday, June 9, 2016

Conservatives my ass.

My maternal grandmother, God rest her soul, had a colorful vocabulary and zero hesitation in expressing it. When she disagreed with something, her favorite retort was, "My ass!"

If only she were alive today.

So today I'm heading out to the airport to do some flying and I hear one of the radio talking heads having a discussion about "Who should replace Donald Trump as the nominee at the convention?"

Wait a minute. Trump pretty much swept the primaries. He took in more votes than Reagan did in 1980 and 1984. He is the ultimate outsider and has endured being maligned by some of the most egregious of Beltway insiders--failures like Hanoi John McCain, Lyin' Paul Ryan, Harry Reid's lapdog Mitch McConnell, "Mr. Amnesty" Lindsey Graham, and a whole septic tank of additional elected Establishment thieves and liars.

Then toss in that nutsack Glenn Beck and his grub-stain sniffers Brad Thor and Ted Cruz, among others. Cruz is really hilarious. . . "Mr. Constitution himself" who along with his supporters continue to rumble about 'superdelegates' being able to decide who the nominee will be in Cleveland by "voting their conscience" rather than voting in accordance with representing the votes cast by the citizens of their precinct.

And there's Brad Thor, a NYT Bestselling writer who's made his living by endlessly kissing the ass and jocksniffing bonafide military and police veterans while having never served a day himself--but calling himself an absolute patriot. Except if Trump wins the presidency and actually tells Saudi Arabia to kiss our ass or instructs the Chinese to bend over because we're gonna tariff their cheap crap. Then Mr. Super Patriot ask which one of us--ostensibly those of us who've served--will step up to "take him (Trump) out?"

Why, what a stalwart of conservative constitutional principles we have here!

Or, as my beloved grandmother would say, "My ass!"

Now I read on Yahoo that another loudmouth with a microphone, Erick Erickson is ballyhooing about Cleveland and making audible diarrhea about "Trump must be stopped."

Joining this guy, who I only rarely heard of on the rare occasions he would fill in for Mark Levin--who conveniently failed to tell anyone that his fianceƩ's son is a Cruz staffer AND that the RNC purchased enough of a lump sum of Levin's books to earn him a half-million dollar-plus royalty--or a few of the lesser rated talking heads, is some other guy by the name of Hugh Hewitt.

Hugh Who?

And there's more. Illinois senator Mark Kirk, who it's rumored was born without testicles or a spine, rescinded his "endorsement" of Trump because Trump's people pointed out that both the judge and the prosecutor in the Trump University case have direct, managerial ties to La Raza. This apparently, in Kirk's eyes, makes Trump a racist for pointing out such facts. So Kirk withdraws his support, which he never really lent in the first place.

But he's a Republican. Therefore he's a conservative.

My ass.

Somebody named David French is on the bandwagon along with someone else named Steve Deace and A.J. Spiker, a "former" Republican party chairman of something or the other. And then the second biggest loser in Arizona history, Senator Jeff Flake, comes out on the same bandwagon.

A common thread here is that every single person named so far epitomized the Washington Establishment. Trump represents a nuclear explosion to "the way we've always done things inside the Beltway."

And that just can't be allowed.

So, these so-called "conservatives" jump up and are now trying to effectively squash and suppress the will of American citizens who registered in record numbers and took those same record numbers to the polls to vote for a candidate they believed was NOT another talking sack of shit from inside the Beltway.

That's what conservatives do now? Then count me out.

Look, I don't agree with everything Trump says but here's the deal: He's not a lawyer, he's never been elected to office, he comes from the private sector, he doesn't take being attacked lying down and instead fights back. America used to be like that, for those of you who either have forgotten or never knew it. Hit us and we hit you back a hundred times harder. Ask Germany. Ask Japan. Ask Saddam Hussein's old Republican Guard.

Now we apologize for you hitting us.

Trump is not a politician in that he throws decorum out the window. Guess what? So did Teddy Roosevelt. Trump can be bombastic. So could Harry Truman. So Trump donated to both sides of the aisle during every election to hedge his bets and so therefore he is really a Democrat? Reagan was a lifelong Democrat before switching over to the Republican party and becoming one of our most successful presidents in American history.

Fact is, the People of this nation have spoken by way of the ballot box--the single most democratic way of expressing our voice there is--and certain control-mongering Establishment elites and wannabe-insiders don't like it. So they want to bend rules, rewrite the rules, create new rules, do whatever it takes to get somebody not beholden to them out of the nomination and electoral process. Trump and his supporters have earned their shot at the title, but these asshat Establishment "conservatives" not only don't like it, but are trying to deny him and those who supported him their shot.

Or to put it another way, they want to negate the votes of millions of Americans so that they can have it their way.

Conservatives my ass.

So in loving memory of my beloved grandmother, I just put a "Veterans For Trump" bumper sticker on my pickup truck.

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