Monday, January 5, 2015

The end would justify the means.

Catching up a little on various odds and ends, thoughts and ponderings.

• Sales for my latest novel, False Gods, continue to do well and feedback via e-mail and other sources is good. Reviews are beginning to trickle in on Amazon and are very flattering.

The most common comment or theme from the readers' feedback is the ending of the novel--or more importantly, why hasn't it happened?

Update on what's next here.

• I just saw some stories on a bunch of racists storming into restaurants and bistros and harassing diners and interrupting their meals. I also noted that this happened in New York and Oakland. Funny that I didn't see any stories about it happening in Fort Worth, Texas or Overland Park, Kansas or Pensacola, Florida or Charleston, South Carolina.

Maybe folks in those locales wouldn't put up with it? Or maybe folks in those locales quit looking at just the pigment of someone's skin some years ago and have been looking far deeper into their character ever since. . . on both sides of the skin color? #BlackBrunchRacists

I won't hold my breath waiting on the mainstream media to report fairly or accurately on this.

• I quit following the National Felons League (NFL) when it not only welcomed Michael Vick back into its embrace, but hailed him as returning hero, a victim and made him a millionaire. I haven't watched a Super Bowl in over a decade. Having spent all those years in major ad agencies, the Super Bowl has become nothing but another revenue-generating event for Wall Street with a little football occasionally tossed in. I do miss the old days of the early Super Bowls. The Cowboys 24 - 3 victory over the Dolphins in Super Bowl VI will always be my favorite. Admittedly, my wife and I enjoyed the romping and stomping of the Buffalo Bills in back to back Bowls.

These days, I have no love lost for the NFL nor the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones' ego is difficult for me to abide by and when the average Dallas fan can't remember all the coaches who've been through the Valley Ranch headquarters, but know that Jerry had a hand in bringing them in then running them off. . .

So I watched a news clip this morning showing what looked like a pass interference call on a Dallas player against a Detroit player. The refs picked up the flag and no foul was called or enforced and Dallas went on to win/steal the game.

Of course they did. Super Bowls make money and that money comes from the largest of television markets and it's been a long time since the Dallas television market has enjoyed that kind of revenue. Detroit's television market is dismal. No jobs, no economy, no money. Why would the NFL want to see a Super Bowl with Detroit in it?

But for all the butt-hurt Detroit fans who continue to whine about the flag being picked up on that play, I wonder if they are just as butt-hurt over that notoriously dirty player having his suspension lifted for a flagrant, intentional attempt to injure the Green Bay quarterback?

• Hawaii continues to be on my "No Fly/No Visit" list. Their fawning over the Imposter-in-Chief, their elected officials' voting record and their gun laws--plus several miserable experiences during TDYs there back in the military--continue to have me cheering for typhoons, tsunamis and lava flows.

• And finally, here's a treat for you. This is pretty incredible to watch and may very well be the best 1:39 you spend today. Enjoy.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, that IS interesting that they don't try that crap in flyover country... Or in the deep South!

Don't disagree at all on Jones either... I've gotta do Hawaii next month on TAD, at least it's Kauai, not Oahu. Somebody should get those folks under contract, they're doing better than most of 'our' folks... LOL