Friday, January 16, 2015

So you want to spit on Chris Kyle's grave, do you?

The harder you reap, the more you sew. And that is not always a good thing.

Yesterday I get this entry on my Facebook timeline about some guy in Olathe, Kansas by the name of Micah Horner posting some really derogatory garbage about Chris Kyle, the famous Navy SEAL sniper who was murdered last February.

Being the curious sort that I am and having actually met Mr. Kyle shortly after he discharged from the Navy, I went to this loser's Facebook page and got a glimpse of the garbage he was posting.

What caught my eye wasn't necessarily the inflammatory things he was saying about Kyle, but rather that the idiot also had the fact that he was a business owner posted on that same FB page.

I think Bugs Bunny often referred to such nutsacks as "maroons."

Karma is a curious wench. Often times she works right along the old Biblical proverb of "so as you reap, so shall you sew." And in this case, the harvest for Mr. Micah Horner and his business, The Modern Maids, is bountiful.

But not exactly how you'd expect.

Veterans from all over have been posting derogatory reviews on every website they can find ranging from Google to Yahoo to Yelp and others deriding The Modern Maids and urging potential patrons to spend their hard-earned dollars elsewhere.

Johnson County, Kansas is extremely conservative. I know. We lived there for three wonderful years. Kansas also sends a disproportionate amount of young people into the military to serve their country and as such, does not look favorably upon those who would spit upon the nation's finest.

Here is the link to Yelp's review page for The Modern Maids. I'll warn you right now that you will laugh out loud at some of the reviews. Veterans, when angered. . . well, we can be a creative bunch.

Just as it is Micah Horner's right and freedom to deride and make derogatory remarks about Chris Kyle and other veterans, it is our right to make sure that his fertile field of business--Johnson County, Kansas--knows how this business owner feels about those who risk their lives to safeguard the freedoms we all enjoy.


Old NFO said...

Yeah, he crossed the line to put it mildly... And those comments are pretty good! :-)

Anonymous said...

When in the face of adversity, seek financial vengeance. How classy...

kx59 said...

shucks, late to the party.
One positive review.
That's some burgeoning bidness that wingnut has.
69 removed for violation of content guidelines.
I missed all the good stuff it appears.

kx59 said...

Oh, and as a footnote to anonymous above, seeking financial vengeance is exactly what liberals, race baiters, and progressives do on a daily basis.
Turn about is fair play.
suck it up buttercup.
We've read Rules for Radicals as well.

Anonymous said...

It's "sow" not sew. To sow is to plant. To sew is to stitch together fabric.
Sorry, just had to do that.

Glen Filthie said...

Steve you knuckle head - a sow is a female Hillary or Mrs. Obama!


Sorry I couldn't resist either!!!

Micah Horner said...

FULL DISCLOSURE: Some internet troll made this, and I posted it in a comment thread on Glenn Beck's page a long time ago. I ran across it, and knew it would stir the pot.

Distasteful and offensive? Yes

Stupid thing to do? Definitely

Serious? Of course not

Ironically, most of my friends, and all but 1 of my groomsmen are vets.

Not a "soldier hater". Sorry.

Micah Horner said...

Also, I'm not a "commie liberal" either. Sorry.