Monday, January 12, 2015

I can't take the embarrassment anymore.

What passes for leadership in the United States of America is pathetic.

I'm not just talking about the piece of subhuman sewage known as Barack Hussein Obama or the low/no-IQ assclown some call "Uncle Joe" or the eunuch that serves as Secretary of State or the race-baiting radical Attorney General.

I'm talking about damn near the entire Congress of the United States of America. I'm talking about the Pentagon. I'm talking about the Supreme Court. I'm talking about virtually every individual who resides and works inside the Beltway who gives our "leadership" a pass every single time they embarrass America and her citizens.

By now we all know what happened at the French rag Charlie Hebdo. I have no love lost for that POS publication. I find them vile, demeaning and basically oxygen thieves. The only good thing I can say for them is that they were--and remain--equal opportunity assholes when it comes to insulting people from all spectrums of humanity.

So the radical ragheads (are there any other kind?) send a goon squad in to shoot the place up and kill as many as they can. On the way out, we see where one of the terrorists shoots an unarmed cop point blank. We hear the world roar in outrage.

What we don't hear is the leadership from the U.S. saying much of anything. The stinking spineless journalists here in America are little more than overly made up blowdried facelifted fartblowers who urinate submissively at the first hint of being threatened with physical harm.

Fox News, the biggest fraud perpetuated on conservatives since John McCain, was even censoring the word "terrorist" from their news reports. Hell, after all these radical ragheads could storm Fox News Headquarters one day and the limpdicks at Fox don't want to be seen as aggravating an already "unfortunate situation." CNN and MSNBC and the lamestream networks. . . their responses were entirely predictable.

The leaders of the free world gather in Paris--all except the leaders from the U.S. because we have no leaders here. We have talkers. We have whiners. Our coward-in-chief wasn't about to go and be seen front and center railing against the likes of Islamic terrorists. I wonder effing why?

Uncle Joe is just flat too stupid to be seen in public these days. Besides, he's Obama's life insurance policy. John Kerry speaks the language but the French were in no mood to hear apologetic or appeasement ramblings from Lurch on a day that many in France equated to our own 9/11. And Eric Holder? He was freaking there already, but didn't show up. But then again, if he's a leader, then my ass is a magazine cover.

But where have our elected officials been? John Boehner could've grabbed a case of Kleenex and several fifths of bourbon and flown over to Paris. So could Mitch McConnell. For that matter, so could damned near any of our so-called leaders inside the Beltway.

But they didn't. And aside from a handful, none of them are even making any serious waves about the abject embarrassment America's no-show has caused us.

And yet, we still have half of the country cheering on this asshole of a president.

That continues to tell me all I need to know about the State of the Union. No need for me to waste the brain cells watching it live next month.

If only. . . only the ending to Tom Clancy's Debt of Honor could happen.

Sooner the better.


Anonymous said...

Well Damn Bro. Why don't you tell us how you really feel???

My hat is off to you in agreement!


Richard H said...

The US Congress needs to censure the asswipe. To ensure that the Congress acts thusly, the people must stand to make their voices heard. I propose a national campaign for the people to scream to their Congresscritters. It starts with one, then two and so on.

Bob Easton said...

Perhaps the following offers an explanation ... or at least the audacity of imagination.

Old NFO said...

USSS wasn't even consulted about a 'proposed' trip... They were planning to skip from the get-go...

An Ordinary American said...

Winston, I was trying to hold back. LOL

Richard, Congress IS the problem. A Congress and Senate with testicles and ovaries would've handled this alpha-hotel from the get-go. As bad as I despised Tip O'Neil and Jim Wright (past Speakers of the House), neither would've put up with Obama's "king-like" attitude. For certain, George Mitchell wouldn't have. And these were all DEMOCRATS who history will probably show to be more conservative than most of today's Republicans. Just goes to show how far down in the toilet Congress has gone.

Bob, I've been convinced since Day One that Obama is a plant. Some days he's a marijuana plant, other days hes a loco week and all other days he's a stinkweed.

Jim, you're right. Obama had zero intention of going to Paris. Anything he could do to further embarrass and weaken America. . . that remains his agenda.