Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Southern pride and mainstream BS.

The media learned a valuable lesson in 2008.

Pick the Republican candidate and they're guaranteed to get the Democrat elected.

Up to this point, the mainstream has been cramming Mitt Romney down our throats and up our collective butts.

In Iowa and New Hampshire, the media pushed Romney on us. Except in Iowa, Santorum pulled a rabbit out of his hat.

The result?

The media is all but ignoring Santorum. No headlines, no substantive interviews, no coverage. Instead, they continue to create a bigger controversy between the establishment candidates Newt and Mitt.

Kinda like they did with Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann when each of them pulled out their own rabbits and began soaring in the polls.

Ignore them, concentrate on who THEY want and trust the average American to be stupid enough to blindly follow.

Seems that didn't work in Dixie. In South Carolina, Mitt got his yankee ass kicked--both in the debates and at the polls. He ain't looking so hot in Florida, either.

The media's solution? Shut the American public's response and feedback down. No more cheering or applause at the debates.


The irony is delicious. The great stalwart of "freedom of speech" and "freedom of expression" is the first to shut down anyone with whom they disagree with. You see in "letters to the editor" sections of newspapers everywhere--perhaps giving us another reason why most newspapers are in serious financial trouble.

The big problem for the media is that the primary debates and cauci are moving into the South, and us Southerners don't cotton to big-city yankees. South Carolina proved that. I suspect Florida will, too, although I only consider the northern half of Florida to be part of the United States. The southern half is more akin to a third world country, thanks to the northeastern liberals who've retired and moved there and now are trying to insist on making Fort Myers exactly like Trenton, New Jersey.

So now the secret is out. The media doesn't want your feedback during the debates. Newt says BS to that and threatens to boycott the debates if the audience can't clap or cheer.

Good for Newt.

There is a reason more and more Americans get their news from the internet and alternative/new media. Crap like what's being pulled at NBC, the New York Times, et al, is why.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, excellent point... sigh... I STILL love to see some OPFOR research in depth on Obama...