Saturday, January 14, 2012 & Paul Helinski. Where ignorance meets arrogance.

First off, be advised that if you're reading this, you're basically an idiot according to Paul Helinski, CEO of something or someplace called ""

I went to check it out and it just looks like a big electronic bidding house or auction place for guns, and it's on the internet.

The same internet Helinski seems to think he should own when it comes to guns and serious gun talk.

There are some serious ironies going on here, but first--as journalists would say--a little background. In fact, I'm going to do the background as a direct quote from Mr. Helinski regarding his view of blogs, those who read blogs, those who sponsor blogs, those idiotic gun manufacturers, dealers, suppliers who like or advertise on blogs, etc.


"Now the question is when you are going to start qualifying internet media? We have to crawl over nobodies who can install wordpress and have nobody reading anything they write, It isn't so hard to qualify internet media using and Why do you waste the manufacturers' time and make the real internet media have to deal with wish I were internet journalists who are just using your stamp of approve to solicit review guns and accessories? You've created this giant gorilla in the room and we all have to deal with it, and you may think the industry takes your numbers seriously, but everyone sees things for what they are. If you are serious about bringing value to your exhibitors, you need to vet the press list."

"There is nothing like killing yourself for ten or fifteen years to have to wait for a guy to shoot his video for Colt on his cellphone at media day."

"You are a wanna be internet media professional. Why don't you go into and compare to any other gun website, not just blogs. You've never heard of us, and we are the industry leader in internet readership, after 15 years of hard work and dedication. Why should I have to wait for you to finish taking a video with your phone at range day?"

Why isn't that sweet?

I liked the "wannabe" as it kinda reminds me of when Helinski was trying to get in the gun business. He used to be an IT guy. Translation: computer nerd. While I have no way of knowing it to be a fact, I would presume due to Mr. Helinski's elitist attitude that he was probably one of the top nerds at Apple or Microsoft, literally hovering just underneath the shadows of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

After all, he seems to have so much contempt for "wannabes" that there is simply no way he himself could've ever started something outside the IT (computer nerd) world unless he was the bona fide real deal. Right?

Secondly, I find it ironic as hell that in the early days of his thing, Mr. Helinski lowered himself to the depths of "wannabes" in the form of, a blog and podcaster, and actually gave a podcast talk in which he kind of rebuked folks who ordered or bought direct--bypassing the "stocking" dealers as he referred to them.

But is kind of a bypass of "stocking" dealers, isn't it?

I guess once you sail past "wannabe" status and into "CEO" status, the criteria by which you judge yourself changes.

Didn't we see that with a less-than-reputable self-pronounced CEO of some scam called "Gunpal" that later morphed (and crashed) as "Gpal?"

So Mr. Helinski falls into the same trap he bitches at others for--becoming an electronic CEO.

Oh, but he's legitimate because he says he is. The rest of us aren't, because he says we aren't.

Seems he isn't making too many friends in the gun industry now that he's come out of the "anti-everyone-but-himself-as-a-serious-blogger" closet.

Here's a big clue for you, Mr. Helinski: You don't own the SHOT Show. The vast majority of manufacturers would much rather have 450 electronic journalists/bloggers pitching their goods honestly and unbeholden to paying advertisers rather than less than a dozen dying paper & ink rags.

Oh, and there have been a few other intellectually-challenged folks like you in the gun world make disparaging remarks, and their booths at SHOT Shows and NRA annual meetings stayed pretty danged empty.

Conclusion? Dumb move, dumb statements and dumb attitude for Mr. Helinski to have.

Only thing he could do dumber would be to sign up Gpal as a payment service.

And it wouldn't surprise me if he tries.


God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

Funny thing is... I've never even been to the gunsamerica web site... usually skim SayUncle each day and some other blogs I really enjoy...

Then again, I'm not a wannabe internet professional... I just enjoy blogging about my interests and getting to read and know about other folks who have similar interests...

Dann in Ohio

Old NFO said...

Good one AOA, and 'dead' on the money... :-) Helinski forgets that Google has a search tool...LOL

IntolerantCynicami said...

when these people grow a brain, maybe I'll pay attention to anything they say, but until then.... not!

Anonymous said...

It was certainly an arrogant remark by this guy but i actually met him at range day and he is pretty harmless. Prideful? No doubt. Passionate about guns? Sure. He could have chosen his words more wisely but the blog and the content they produce is pretty good. Gunblast is probably my favorite but i do enjoy the guns america blog too. I also love the sayuncle blog and the gunnutsmedia blog as well - caleb does a great job!! Theres enough room for everyone but just to play devils advocate here, this helinski guy may have a point. How many bloggers are in it for the long haul and how many just do it for the free gear and writer discounts? Eventually it will all shake out but for now keep up the good work and dont let the helinskis of the world bother you. Oh and fwiw, i do quite enjoy this blog as well. Happy shooting!!

Anonymous said...

I met Paul while working with him and GunsAmerica at the SHOT show. In all respects he was a decent and honorable guy.

He was willing to address an issue we all know is there. Anyone can post something on the internet, call themselves an "expert" and call it fact.

There are lots of great people out there, I'll put up Hickok45 as an example. His stuff is plainly put, informative, and not an ounce of arrogance in the guy.

Then there are whose who preach something, based on their opinion, and call it fact without any type of real life / or practical experience. There are also lots of people with good ideas, are professional, who are just like you and me. They are just lucky enough to have a forum to put their ideas forward. The net is full of good and bad, and we all have to wade through all of it.

Paul is a decent guy, I think people took one quote he made and are making a molehill out of it.

My respectful 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Check out his "article" on the Tactical vs. Sniper's Hide et al lawsuit. Absolutely zero journalistic integrity or professionalism. GA has less than zero credibility.

Cheryl said...

I was shocked at the bias he took in the TR vs SH law suit. He admits not knowing the whole story or seeking it out and then goes on to encourage supporters of SnipersHide to drop their support! Shocking to interfere with a mans income and life without all the facts! I dropped my membership from GA and will have nothing further to do with such an unethical person.

Anonymous said...

I recently posted on the GunsAmerica site, agreeing with someone who was disagreeing with Paul Helinski on his version of the "contrail conspiracy". I pointed out some simple common sense and actual science to refute what the article claimed. It didn't get posted. I made another post about "Free Speech" which is supposedly one of Mr. Helinski's cornerstones. It didn't get posted either. He also remove all other posts I had made, plus the original person's post I was commenting on. Apparently, Mr. Helinski only believes in free speech if it agrees with him. Reading some of his posts will make you wonder if he has ever spent time in an institution with a strait jacket as his attire. He leans past the "Batshit Crazy" side of reality far too often to be taken seriously. I would NOT want to share a bunker with him, that's for sure!

Globull said...

Helsinki is a radical Zionist. Once you understand what this means, it's easy to understand where he's coming from. The fact that he's not very knowledgable is really just icing on the cake!

Anonymous said...

Helinski is a certified leftist douche.