Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hooyah! Marines urinate on dead Taliban. Obama, Clinton pissed.

Seems the Obama misadministration and the usual legion of cat's reproductive genitalia are moaning and whining over a video of some U.S. Marines urinating the on the three dead bodies of some Afghan enemies--reputed to be Taliban.

My first thought when learning of this was, "Big F***ing Deal." After all, dead terrorists need to be pissed on.

Live terrorists need to be pissed on.

But, as expected, the liberal pacifist factions come howling forth calling for court-martial, investigations, punishment and Hillary Rodham Clinton is tripping all over herself apologizing to the Afghan president, who himself is pissing and moaning over this instance.

Here's my response to the Afghan president. Now, I'm not the secretary of state, but unlike either, or any, Clinton, I served and I'm a veteran and I have every bit as much right to say what I want to these assholes as our ineffective government does.

So here goes:
"Mr. Afghan President, Kiss my ass. Sincerely, An Ordinary American."

Where is the outrage from our stupid-assed secretary of state when IEDs destroy and maim U.S. Marines? Where is the outrage from the chickenshits calling for court-martial and punishment when suicide bombers blow themselves up in the middle of a Marines' barracks?

Liberals hate America. Anything we do to stand up for ourselves, they hate. Liberals were losers when they were kids. They were never picked for athletic teams, nobody gave a damn that they won the sixth-grade spelling bee, and they always sat in folding metal chairs pulling at their putzes on prom night because even the school librarian's daughter wouldn't be seen dancing with them.

Now that they've grown up, the only way they can get attention is to be pacifist losers and "protest" the very men and women who are living and fighting in foreign lands and who have the guts to fight for freedom and liberty, regardless of where it is--when the chickenshit liberals refuse to fight for it right here at home.

Fight for it? Hell they refuse to even support it! They think the government has all the answers.

The comments at the end of the story in the Washington ComPost are most telling of all. An awful lot of posers writing in, claiming to be vets. Maybe so, but my bet is IF they even served, they were REMFs of the worst order.

That is, IF they even served. . . which I find highly doubtful.

And to the Marines that pissed on the dead Taliban? I raise my soft-drink glass tonight in your honor, and when the alarm rings this morning and I have to head to the bathroom for the usual morning mechanics, I'll be thinking of you guys urinating on those dead pieces of terrorist crap.

I think I'll have an extra glass of water before I go to bed.

Semper Fi.


Gracie said...

I don't condone peeing on anyone live or dead. Ask my kids, I have yelled at them for peeing on each other, the cat, the dog and the walls. These guys are away from their families, risking their lives to keep everyone (here and there) safe from the scum of the earth. If they want to blow off a little steam by peeing on the scum....who cares.

Tango Juliet said...

All's fair in love and war.

Knuckledraggin said...

Pissed? I'm pissed that they got in trouble for it.

Everett said...

I too, think I will have that extra glass of water tonight! I am so sick of all the " pissing and .moaning " by all these useless assholes.

Liberalmann said...

You guys are sick, fucking morons. We're supposed to be the 'good guys,' remember.

An Ordinary American said...


Just a hunch, but you never served in the military, did you?


Shiroi Doma said...

Upon reflection it might have been better to dump a bucket of hog piss and turds on the corpses. (I would prefer to do so to pre-dead enemy, it should go without saying.)

AOA, just for yucks and 'cause I cannot do anything internet-ish, go look at my last Facebook entry.

PS - "knuckledragging" there does not refer to Knuckledraggin, the poster here.

Semper Fi!

Craig S. Miller said...

Funny how the left and the media (oops, being redundant) didn't complain about occutards crapping on police cars, a supposed symbol of law and order in this country. This problem occurred because this war should have been over years ago, now you have the same guys going over for the third or fourth time and they are sick of fighting with one arm tied behind their back. If there was a draft, public sentiment would have allowed them to win and get home years ago. As it is you have less than three percent fighting 100% of the battles and 97% passing judgement like they were there. I say check the hides of the taliban and make sure your urine isn't too dark, if it is be sure to drink more water.

Liberalmann said...

Yes, AOA, I served. 1972-74. Why? Should I be more sympathetic to the goons who would do this?

I understand you are trained to be a killing machine and I understand these Taliban fucks may have committed some pretty obscene atrocities to warrant this response. But in the age of cell phone cameras and the fact these guys looked so willing to be recorded make this even more disturbing.