Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The $5 miracle for veterans.

There isn't a lot you can buy for five bucks anymore.

It gets you a gallon of gas, plus a splash extra in some places. Even a McDonalds "value" meal is over six bucks by the time you're finished; seven bucks or more in some places or depending on what you buy.

But five dollars will put a huge smile on a soldier's face over in Iraq or Afghanistan.


Meet Airborne Angel Cadets.

This is a group of remarkable volunteers led by Nancy Carter who round up donations from grocery stores, retailers and other businesses and ship them overseas to our soldiers, sailors and airmen stationed in the most remote outposts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For those of us who have been in such places, we know the isolation. We know how long it takes for mail to get there. We know how cut off you seem to be from the world.

Nancy and her fellow angels help change that.

Airborne Angels collects the donated goods and stores them in a warehouse who donated space to them, which in turn has allowed more retailers and grocery stores and other businesses to increase the amount of goods they donate.

But those donations still have to be shipped. And that's where you can score a smile and the eternal gratitude from our nation's finest young men and women for as little as $5.

Every dollar collected goes towards purchasing and shipping costs, and with the holidays upon us, the donated goods are rolling in.

What's needed now are dollars to get the stuff transported to our troops.

You can donate with a credit or debit card by clicking on this link.

You can mail your donation to: Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas, P.O. Box 116691, Carrollton, Texas 75011 USA

Five dollars will go a long ways. All the way to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Let's help the Angels help our troops.


Old NFO said...

They are good folks, doing one hellva job... God Bless Them! And donation will be done.

Anonymous said...

Jim DeMint (R-of course) was the only senator to oppose a measure aimed at hiring veterans. "Despite the overwhelm­ng evidence that these tax credits do not stimulate hiring for targeted groups..." DeMint said.

If I might re-phrase that for him:
"Despite the overwhelmi­ng evidence that extending tax cuts for the wealthy does NOT stimulate hiring for ANYONE, the GOP/TP continue to press for extensions and even LOWER tax rates"!!!