Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chris Christie. Fraud extraordinaire.

You know? Several years ago when Christie was elected governor of New Jersey, I was pretty happy.

Not that I held out much hope for New Jersey, but rather that the stinking Democrats had lost and lost big--and Christie was part of that.

But as is typical of blowhard asshats like Christie, once in power (note I didn't mistakenly use the word "office" but rather "power"), they revert to the power-hungry simpletons they are.

Witness Christie's endorsement of Slick Mitt (Romney) less than ninety minutes ago as of this writing.

That's right, New Jersey's highly-touted "Oh-my-God-we-need-him-for-president" buffoon is endorsing the MOST liberal candidate in the GOP field (to date).

Christie also demanded that Rick Perry "repudiate" statements made by a Dallas Baptist preacher calling Mormonism a cult. Perry refused.

Good for Rick Perry. I would have told Chris Christie to go to hell and kiss my ass on the way. Who the hell does he think he is demanding that anyone do anything?

Of course, this is the same fraud who also appointed a Muslim judge, then called anyone and everyone who disagreed with it a "bunch of crazies."

It's a mess in the GOP field right now, to be sure, but at least we're starting to figure out who the phonies and loonies are.

I was on the wagon for Herman Cain very early on, but stepped off when he stated that the Second Amendment was a "state's right" issue. The hell it is. But I'm forgiving Herman Cain because he is NOT a politician and he can (hopefully)/will appoint the correct people in the correct positions who understand these things.

I hope Herman cleans up the floor tonight with Slick Mitt.


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Christie is a fraud
The unnecessary trips and over the limit hotel stays are just a sampling of the corrupt behavior Christie was involved in during his tenure as U.S. attorney for NJ.

Christie discussed his candidacy with Karl Rove while still serving as U.S. attorney, a clear violation of the Hatch Act.

Christie held stock in a company he was investigating while U.S. attorney.

Christie gave no bid contracts worth tens of millions to John Ashcroft and former U.S. attorneys.

Christie gave one of those contracts to David Kelley, former U.S. attorney for Manhattan. I wonder why.

Christie gave a subordinate in the U.S. attorney office, Michele Brown (currently hired as Christie's appointments counsel -- http://vip.politickernj.com/m...
-- ) a loan he failed to disclose or pay taxes on.
http://emptywheel.firedoglake... /

Christie also hired several attorneys from his former U.S. attorney office as advisers as governor and increased his staff budget by $440K over the Corzine administration's staff budget.

Christie may also have received improper aid from Brown during the gubernatorial election.

"October 20, 2009
Christie May Have Gotten Improper Aid
When news broke in August that the former United States attorney, Christopher J. Christie, had lent $46,000 to a top aide in the federal prosecutor’s office, he said he was merely helping a friend in need. He also said the aide, Michele Brown, had done nothing to help his gubernatorial campaign.

But interviews with federal law enforcement officials suggest that Ms. Brown used her position in two significant and possibly improper ways to try to aid Mr. Christie in his run for governor.

In March, when Gov. Jon S. Corzine’s campaign requested public records about Mr. Christie’s tenure as prosecutor, Ms. Brown interceded to oversee the responses to the inquiries, taking over for the staff member who normally oversaw Freedom of Information Act requests, according to federal law enforcement officials in Newark and Washington. The requested information included records about Mr. Christie’s travel and expenses, along with Ms. Brown’s travel records.

In mid-June, when F.B.I. agents and prosecutors gathered to set a date for the arrests of more than 40 targets of a corruption and money-laundering probe, Ms. Brown alone argued for the arrests to be made before July 1. She later told colleagues that she wanted to ensure that the arrests occurred before Mr. Christie’s permanent successor took office, according to three federal law enforcement officials briefed on the conversation, presumably so that Mr. Christie would be given credit for the roundup."

Christie opened an investigation into Senator Robert Menendez that was wholly without merit and designed to influence the election.