Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bachmann is toast, Huntsman a bowel movement.

Political Darwinism is alive and well in the ranks of the GOP debate contenders.

The two front runners, Slick Mitt and Governor Rick Perry, failed miserably Tuesday night. Bachmann once again proved she isn't fit to be taken serious as a presidential contender.

Good. They needed to. We don't need a career politician in Washington. We need someone who actually knows what the hell it's like to live in the real world where other people's hard earned dollars are spent on goods, wares and services to support their own well-being.

Instead, we saw a lineup of political leeches, all of whom are career politicians with the exception of Herman Cain.

Because Cain continues to resonate solidly with everyday Americans, the politicians on stage couldn't handle that. So the politicians do what they do best when confronted with facts that expose their phony "plans" and "ideas."

They attack.

Michele Bachmann will be damned lucky to even retain her own House seat in Minnesota come next November, let alone have any hopes at all for being on the GOP ticket. She is quickly proving herself to be the GOP moonbat equivalent of the dopehead that California elected to its governorship.

"If you turn 9-9-9 upside down, it becomes 6-6-6," Bachmann shrilled.

Wow. Hold me back. Cleverness of the which never seen before.

But if you notice, the once darling but now moonbat of the Tea Party has no plan of her own that is even close to viable. Instead, she simply attacks.

Message to Bachmann from America--we're tired of this crap. Offer us solutions, not the same old political BS.

Huntsman? You're little more than just another idiot who's clinging to the corner of the stage in hopes you might be able to write a book someday about your run for the presidency.

You thought 9-9-9 was the price of a pizza? Ha ha. Hilarious. Your sense of humor is right there with your sense of economic credibility.

And as typical, you're running on your daddy's coattails since he was the big business guy and you inherited everything you have.

Translation? Huntsman is just another limousine liberal disguised as a RINO.

When career politicians with unlimited funds and resources all turn their attacks towards the only non-politician on stage, yet can offer no significant accomplishments of THEIR OWN, that should tell you something about the sorry-assed state of affairs not just in the GOP, but in the USA as well.

Next November, the best thing we can do for this country is to flush every damned politician who's served over two terms straight down the toilet.


Southern Belle said...

Way to bring that snark, AOA!! WEll said.

Shiroi Doma said...

Sometimes, your photo captions say more better than your bloggings. I LOVE the Hoyer, below.

Question, though - why two terms? Why elect any "politician" ever?

Best regards,

Old NFO said...

Well said and good pics :-) Romney couldn't even name ONE of his 56 or 59 or whatever points...

Bd said...

They're all wacko losers. Say hello to Obama's second term

nobamain12 said...

Hey Bd

I want some of what you are smoking. Even that arrogant lying Obama senses the sweet smell of failure in the air.Everyone is wise ti that hopey changey drivel and Obamy hasn't go a chance in hell of a second term. I'm fine with a one term for Obama. And I'm going to help make it happen!

So get used to it.

nobamain12 said...

I remember during Bush's presidency, I would see these bumper stickers that said "IF YOU'RE NOT OUTRAGED, YOU'RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION". Why was it so bad then was so bad back then and not now? Why should people have been outraged back then and not now?

Anonymous said...

I have two problems with Cain, Tex.

1. You already have an 'affirmative action' president. Are you sure you want another one?

2. Cain's greatest attribute is also his greatest liability. He is a business man. His story is a hallmark success of the American economy: He is smart, resourceful and aggressive. In business, you go along with such men and make a buck - or oppose them and get your ass kicked.

High level politics isn't business. Sometimes politics is about shovelling shit. Sometimes it will require loathesome compromises with the most incompetent, corrupt and awful people the business man will refuse to deal with.

If you got your wish and every career politician got flushed, the nation would grind to a halt and new ones would begin to arise the very next day. No human society can function without an 'elite' or 'noble' class. Hey, I don't like it either - I'm just sayin'.

Similiarly, every society throughout history NEEDS an underclass to do the crappy jobs. All men are not equal. All cultures are not equal. Sometimes the ends DO justify the means. All that is real politik - and it takes a bit of a turdie to work well in an environment like that. Washington will eat Cain alive. I think that he - like Sarah Palin - is out of his element. He is bound by ethics and morals that his opposition only pay lip service to.

I like him...but I don't think he is ready for the Oval Office.



Joe Tram said...

Look beyond Bachmann, Perry, Romney, Herman Cain is standing in the wings.

the cowboys blog said...

Lets not eat our own.

An Ordinary American said...


I know what you're saying, but is Bachmann really one of our own?

She's a TAX ATTORNEY, which explains her immediate dislike of Cain's plan--it would put her and hubby out of work.

She's gotten fat off the inefficiency and BS of the present tax code and for all of her desire to "reform it," she hasn't introduced one single piece of legislation to change it, alter it or reduce it since she was elected to the very body of Congress that has the power to do just that.

Huntsman? He's a fraud plain and simple. Nothing more than a Wasatch version of Slick Mitt.

The problem with the Tea Party is there area lot of predators and opportunists who are riding along on our coattails, thinking we won't know--or discover--the difference.

I'm sick of politicians. I want real people to serve a term or two, then step down.

People who've been there and actually accomplished something besides getting a damned law degree and then running for office.


Jarheads Blog said...

I think that Herman Cain is our best choice to run against Obama next year. If he could carry even 10 - 15% of the black vote Obama would be finished. Actually Obama would be finished after the first debate because Cain would completely destroy the teleprompter reader-in-chief. It would be the best presidential debate ever

Sun Cracked Soul said...

I don't know who the nominee is going to be but you are right, it won't be her