Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The "Screw That" movement--It's what built this country.

America's brain, Albert Einstein, once declared that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.

To that end, America has been certifiably insane for several decades, but with no viable way to escape the asylum.

Finally we have a way out of the nuthouse.

I'm talking about the way we approach, view and elect a president.

I'm a conservative--not a Republican. Paraphrasing the late great Ronald Reagan, I didn't leave the Republican party, it left me. Reagan, of course, said this about the Democrat party. A few years later, Texas senator and leading hypocrite Phil Gramm said the same thing when he abandoned the party that would've sent him into political unemployment and pitched his pirate boat into the fertile waters of the GOP.

Today's GOP is known as the RINO Establishment. And it's getting a very bloody nose thanks to the most unlikely of people, namely Donald Trump. Right there in Trump's footsteps are Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz.

They're all running for President of the United States--and they're doing it on the GOP's ticket. Their poll numbers are astounding.

One would think, given the ass-whipping the Republicans have taken on the world's biggest political stage--that of the race to be POTUS--that the GOP would be thrilled to have not one, but four candidates who have set the political water cooler talk on fire and who fill arenas and stadiums to capacity fifteen months ahead of the November 2016 election.

That is decidedly not the case. The RINO Establishment, led by the Republican Party's answer to the Kennedys, the Bush family, along with the mouthpiece of the Establishment, Fox News, at first laughed off the antics of Donald Trump and the field. But when the poll numbers not only stayed steady, but began growing for Trump, Fox and royalty had to do something. So they did what all Establishment cartels do and attacked.

Normally when a politician is attacked by an opponent or the press, they come back with a very polite and politically correct statement that never really addresses the facts and only serves to take up ink and space on the newsprint page.

Not Trump. The industry leader said "Screw that," and answered each attack with a scathing, no-holds bare knuckles blithering one-two-three punch right back at his attacker.

The Establishment was horrified. The usual modus operandi in such previously rare occurrences was to have Cartel leadership whisper a few quiet words to the offending rebel and hint that campaign funding would dry up if such independent and truthful counter-attacks were to occur.

Once again, Trump said, "Screw that and screw you." He's self funding and not beholden to the GOP Cartel.

Most notable was when Fox News fraud Megyn Kelly, who upon hitching her star to Murdoch's network has presented herself as the Mother Theresa of virtuosity and pureness (oops, except for that little erotica interview she enjoyed a bit too much with Howard Stern) decided to attack Trump in front of a huge national audience over something he said referring to Rosie O'Donnell--but Kelly, in her role as head eye candy for Roger Ailes, set herself up for the journalistic equivalent of a Joe Frazier/Mohammed Ali flight. She scored a quick blow that Trump quickly parried and then after the debate on Twitter, Trump knocked her out for the count.

Kelly's credibility still hasn't recovered. When she publicly challenges Ted Cruz or Ben Carson these days, the thinking public's reaction is "Screw that, I'm gonna check the facts." More often than not, Kelly and Fox News comes up short.

They come up short because they have an agenda and that is to protect and foist upon the public another lame candidate such as they did with McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012.

But this time, conservative and independent America is saying , "Screw that."

It's about bloody time.

The front runners in the GOP race right now are all decidedly non-politicians. One could argue that Cruz is a politician, however he is less than halfway through his first time of ever having held an elected political office and he is unabashedly anti-GOP Cartel, which has caused the Republican's royal family, the Bush bunch, to go after him. Recently, George W went after Cruz while fundraising for his little brother, Jeb, at an event in which they had to lower the tickets to attend to just $250 a piece in order to get even a hundred people in to fill the room.

$250 to get in an meet a former president of the United States who is fundraising and speaking to the public? Typical price for something like this is a minimum of a thousand bucks per person and they can go as high as $25,000 per plate/person. Sounds like another "Screw that" by the conservatives and independents who see the Bush bunch for what they are.

Trump is on fire and getting stronger because he represents and voices the "Screw that" in so much of middle-America that is frustrated with how things have gone for the past two decades. Trump is spending a lot of time in flyover country and packing in the arenas and concert halls and venues everywhere he goes. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorini have become household names. Ted Cruz has become the anti-Christ to the GOP Cartel but for the masses of true conservatives and independents, he's more like Paul who never wavered in his faith or mission and for which he paid dearly. Cruz has been vilified more than any other GOP candidate in recent history, led by Texas' own Judas Iscariot, aka Senator John Cornyn. Yet Cruz endures because real Americans see power-weasels like Judas Cornyn and say, "Screw that."

Long time ago, the British throne kept demanding more and more from the colonies, to the point that it became insufferable. Our Founding Fathers said, "Screw that. We're changing things." And against all odds, they did.

Today, the Republican Establishment keeps demanding more and more from their constituents for no other purpose other than to further enrich and empower themselves.

We say, "Screw that."


Anonymous said...

I'd have most happily paid $250 to get a chance to tell W to go screw himself. And I voted for him twice. I felt quite betrayed, especially in his 2nd term.

As a citizen of the United States of America I am finding it incredibly joyous that Donald, Dr. Carson, and Cruz are whipping the tar out of the Rs. I would mention Carly except she has royally screwed up her chances because she is an apologist for islam. Ef that!

The political parties have too much power. It is high time the people take back which is rightfully theirs. Of the 7 institutions mentioned in the US Constitution, the people is the first and the highest.

Old NFO said...

It's about damn time... sigh