Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Republicans are pussies

I'm beyond fed up with the Republican Party, or GOP--or Gathering Of Pussies, as I've referred to it for years.

Last year, in 2010, we elected a whole slew of Republicans to go to Washington and start making some drastic changes. We get a crybaby as the Speaker, John Boehner has a history of breaking down and sobbing like a heartbroken prom queen. The night of the elections was just one more example.

I'm ready to make Boehner really cry by sending his neutered, hypocritical ass back home to Ohio as a private citizen.

To the right on this blog, I have a graphic as to how the country was in 2007 right as the Socialists got elected and put into power--and how things are now after four years of Socialist rule. In case you've missed it, here it is again.

Well now we have a Republican majority in the House and we've broken the deadlock on the Senate. Yet, unemployment continues to rise, gas prices skyrocket, the Kenyan imposter bombs Libya (Wag the Dog, anyone?), the White House snubs Christians at every turn--including this past Easter with zero mention or message to the American people, and we're still getting our asses kicked in the press.

Nice leadership, Boehner. Worse yet, are all the numbnut old-school Republicans who support this guy in exchange for political blowjobs that strengthen and solidify their power.

I've had it. I've had enough. To hell with the Republican Party as it stands today.

Every disgruntled conservative needs to spend $5 on a Fleet Enema kit and postage and send them to Boehner's office.

Enclose a note telling him, and his fellow RINOs, exactly how to use that enema.

Whatever gets flushed out, I propose we take Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich and toss their sorry butts in the muck, seal it in a 55-gallon drum, and then ship it off to the Middle East. I realize this would be bio-warfare, but at this point I could care less.

I'm okay with my Congressman, Michael Burgess of the 26th District, but I remind him loud and often that I don't think he's doing ENOUGH to get the message through to his good friends and distinguished colleagues. I'd have no problem voting Burgess out and replacing him with someone who WILL get that message out to the rest of the Republicans.

What do I want in a conservative/Republican elected official? Simple:

• I want someone who will tell the President to go to hell every time a tax increase is mentioned.

• I want someone who recognizes that the Constitution is not a "living, breathing entity" and who will respect it as such.

• I want someone who will keep their damned hands off of my guns. Period.

• I want someone who will stand up and tell Mexico to go to hell and if they don't start controlling their internal problems that are spilling over into OUR border areas, we'll pave their ass like a new Walmart distribution center parking lot.

• I want someone who has WORKED FOR A LIVING rather than been a lawyer or politician most of their waking years.

• I want someone is not afraid to tell the welfare class in this country to get off their lazy asses, find work, or prepare to starve to death because we're through paying for you.

• I want someone who'd just as soon kick the King of Saudi Arabia in the balls as opposed to bowing to him like our Kenyan imposter does.

• I want someone who believes in a strong military and a DFWU mentality. (That would be Don't Fornicate With Us)

And finally, I want someone who will only do that job for two years, then give it up for someone else just like himself/herself to do for another two years, then give it up.

Only way that's going to happen is if WE get off OUR asses and vote these RINO leeching imposters out of office.

If we don't, then we're just as big of a bunch of pussies as they are.


RVN11B said...

Keep in mind you are not the only one fed up!

You are not alone in your disgust and anger at the limp member club.

2012 can't get here soon enough!

Anonymous said...

Without your GUNS you're ALL a GANG OF PUSSIES. Man to Man...hand to hand you're a bunch of LOUD Mouth know nothing CRY BABIES who only care about yourselves and what's in it for you and you alone!!! And don't forget...the RED STATES are the LARGEST recipients of that wasted welfare money you keep moaning about. If it wasn't for the tax paying BLUE Liberals you keep bitching about you wouldn't be able to afford your beer and cigarettes and GUNS and such. What ya got to say about that, huh? Didn't think so!!!