Monday, August 27, 2012

Hurricane Obama. You happy now, Sheila Lee Jackson?

The local Texas race-bait idiot in the central Houston cesspool, aka Sheila Lee Jackson--CONGRESSperson Sheila Lee Jackson--once bemoaned the fact that hurricanes were not given "African American names," and thus decreed that by only naming them "white names," somebody was being racist.

The idiot (Jackson) couldn't name who was being racist, just that someone was being racist.

Well congrats, Idiot Jackson. You now have your hurricane and it's called Obama.

As depicted in the picture above, what else would you call a storm that spins to the left, leaves millions powerless and cuts a path of destruction and mayhem everywhere it goes?

The 'Bama Media, or BM for short, is having a field day with Hurricane Obama bearing down first on the Republican National Convention in Tampa, and now forecast to clobber the Louisiana and Mississippi coastline.

I mean, they're freaking giddy.

Forbes is howling about how Obama could rival Katrina. Other BMs are crowing about what a disaster, PR-wise, it could/would/should be for the Republicans.

Quite honestly, all this does is give (yet more) irrefutable proof to the bias of the BM, Dems and hardcore libs.

Me? I say we should just sit tight and let's see what happens. We've already seen Bam Bam and how he handles a crisis. It's called V A C A T I O N.

Ad nauseum.

In the meantime, read Murphy's sound advice to the inmates of New Orleans.


Murphy's Law said...


Old NFO said...

Love it!!! :-) If NOLA drowns, then we don't have to worry anymore... Just cut the dikes and let it go back to swamp... Problem solved...

kx59 said...

She is the definition of dumb. How she keeps getting re-elected is a mystery of nature.
Oh, btw, it's Sheila "Jackson Lee"

Fight Bigotry said...

Racism and stupidity exist on both sides. For a nice summary of Obama's tacit defense of black racism against whites, see

An Ordinary American said...

Murph--heh heh. Had to add a little to your otherwise outstanding point of view on your blog.

NFO--I'm tempted to root for Hurricane Obama and the big enema it'll give New Orleans. Problem is, flotsam ends up drifting east or west, and neither the good folks of Mississippi and Alabama, nor us Texans need any more New Orleans trash.

KX--I would slap myself in the head, but it might fall off. I'm in Day Nine of a nasty bout of West Nile virus (the fever) and I've been getting dyslexic on several things.

Sheila Jackson Lee. Where in the almighty pits of Obama/Biden 2012 did I come up with Sheila Lee Jackson?

Frigggin' mosquitoes. Has anything GOOD come from Africa??? (Killer bees, AIDS, Ebola, West Nile Virus, encephalitis, fire ants, Obama, the list goes on)

Fight--Racism exists on both sides, but it's far from equitable. Only on one side does being the victim of a crime entitle you to call it a hate crime.


kx59 said...

good Lord AOA. What are you doing up blogging?! West Nile.
Git back to bed!

An Ordinary American said...

KX--I have to stay moving as it keeps the pain down. Finally feel it going away but I'm adding mosquitoes to my list of sharks and venemous reptiles as "worthless life forms who need immediate killing and eradication."

I mean, seriously. . . what the hell benefit does a damned mosquito bring to ANY ecosystem?


RVN11B said...

Bats and Humming Birds come to mind.