Thursday, April 12, 2012

Arm yourself, then let the kangaroo court of all kangaroo court trials begin.

First, arm yourself. To the teeth.

In case you need a refresher as to what happens when race-baiting sewage like Jackson and Sharpton and other sloughed off bacteria so vile that even the body's own rectum rejects it spur on hate and divisiveness.

Anyone here remember 1992?

Los Angeles, to be more specific. April 29th, 1992 to be exact.

Now we have a repeat performance on the table for Orlando, Florida thanks to an absolute asshat airhead of a so-called "prosecuting attorney."

First off, I'd like to know which law school lowered its standards to allow such a legal nincompoop to steal oxygen from them for the three years it takes to earn a JD degree. Secondly, since it is more than obvious that her appointment, Corey's that is, is politically fueled so as to gain favor with the blacks and the liberals, just how STUPID can the liberals actually be?

So Angela Corey grandstands and charges Zimmerman with second degree murder.

Only one problem: Intent.

Oh, and motive.

Corey will have to prove that Zimmerman had intent to murder Trayvon Martin on the night in question, which means it was a pre-meditated act. If that is the case, then what was the motive?

Manslaughter? Absolutely. I will not back away from the fact that Zimmerman was and is a bonehead. He thought he'd just trot right out there and play Superfly with Martin and instead (apparently) got his ass kicked--and kicked bad enough that he was forced to use lethal force to defend himself.

If only he'd stayed in the damned SUV. . . but he didn't and now he's been arrested on second-degree murder charges. He'll beat those charges, and if a Florida jury somehow manages to act like a California jury and he IS found guilty, an appeal will overturn it faster than you can say "No justice, no peace" in your best mushmouth Sharpton imitation.

Then Florida will burn and be looted.

But then again, maybe not. Floridians are armed. Heavily. If rioting and looting occurs and the Black Panthers fulfill their threats, then look for an open season on that one certain breed of cat and afterwards, "endangered species" will not even begin to describe them.

But a race war is what Jackson and Sharpton and others of their ilk want. Race race race race. It's a hate crime. White on black crime is always a hate crime and always racist.

Me? I'm still waiting on prosecution and civil rights investigation and apologies from Sharpton and Jackson and other rectum-rooters for this little incident in 1992:

Trust me--a lot of folks still have this image burned into their mind and will not, I repeat WILL NOT, allow such a travesty to happen again.

Be it black on white or white on black or black on black or white on white. . . it will not be tolerated.

Those who want a race war, fine. Get on with it. Just go do it in another country and leave my country alone.

I propose that all the blacks and whites and hispanics that want a race war be given the opportunity, weapons and real estate to do so. The rules will be simple:

Last idiot standing loses.

America wins.


Anonymous said...

Stop being a lapdog to the hateful GOP.

Anonymous said...


I am not too impressed with that hateful piece of shit in the Oval Office and his band of race whores myself:

Old NFO said...

Amen... They are liable to get a LOT more than they bargin for in Florida...

Will said...

I assure you the citizens of Texas are also upset with how this is playing out.

Obamanot said...

Make no mistake about it, we are all screwed.

Obamanot said...

I think that George Zimmerman will be made into a sacrificial lamb to appease the tribal forces of the Black community and liberal Obama ass kissing media.

And I also think that this prosecutor seems to be another of the clan who lacks the intelligences chops to even practice law. She probably took bar exam with a bunch of affirmative action people when the standards were lowered.

Why Zimmerman should be charged with this, other than to appease the "Community Organizers" and the Black Panthers definitely leaves me scratching my head.
It's issues like this Trayvon Martin case that makes blogging interesting for me. I feel that this story has completely gotten out of hand and the coverage is ridiculous and to me almost embarrassing. It only goes to show us that if you make enough noise, protest in the streets like a bunch of idiots and scare the hell out of Whitey with "Wanted Dead or Alive" bounty's,and cry racism all fucking day when it may not even have anything to do with race,
you get your way!! And it's disgusting.

kx59 said...

The word came down from on high to appease the peeple.
From what I've read, the 2nd degree murder charge has no hope of a conviction. Make it go away! The trial will take long enough for the vunables to get distracted by Britinae is Pregnant!
Look! a Squirrel!
Sharpton is already falling off the 24 hour news cycle. Obbumer made the mistake of hitching his wagon to yet another political distaster. The demoncrats are grasping at every political straw that they can find for traction.
As we get closer to November, expect the desperation to get more egregious and more obvious.