Sunday, February 21, 2010

Liberty and Justice. . . is it still alive?

I am a contributing member to one forum and one forum only. I have "signed up" for several others, but am a "lurker," meaning I am a "read-only" guy. Have no interest in contributing my thoughts or opinions. On a couple of them, having to do with aviation and leatherworking, I can't contribute--the regular members on there are light years above and beyond my knowledge and experience.

The one forum I do contribute on shall remain nameless, but it is one where I feel very comfortable and very much a part of the community. So much so that I even send money to help support it.

It is not a political forum, but does have an "off-topic" area in which politics are often discussed. Normally I'd rather discuss autopsies and bowel movements over politics, but seeing as how they are so often similar in nature. . .

A member asked, "Is Liberty and Justice still alive in the United States?"

The answers surprised me, enraged me and encouraged me. But a response from one of the younger members evoked this response from yours truly:

I don't know how old you or any of the younger generations here are or if you served any time in the military, or in a war zone or in a foreign land, but. . .

I have. And I'll tell you--and anyone else reading--that while we have our warts, we are still a helluva lot better place to be than just about anywhere else in the world.

Our problem is that we're a bunch of spoiled, lazy, pathetic, whining do-nothing, MTV, American Idol, Survivor, Lost watching malcontents who are scared of sweat, callouses, physical pain and most of all, SACRIFICE.

Jesus Cristo! Talk to some of our WWII vets who lived through the Great Depression--and then WENT TO WAR for crying out loud! Listen to them talk about not having food to eat, about having to trade a family horse or mule for friggin' lard and flour JUST TO MAKE BISCUITS. Go to the library and look up pictures of the endless soup lines in the big cities. Look at the foreclosures. Look at the poverty. Look at the suicides that occurred.

Liberty and Justice?

I damned sure have Liberty and Justice. I have it in the U.S. Constitution. I may have to work a bit harder for it today than I would have twenty or thirty or forty years ago, but by God I still have it.

I have it because I still have a First Amendment that allows me to raise hell and speak out and call my elected officials a "dirty stinking crooked rotten sonofabitch" right to their face without getting tossed in the gulag for such a transgression.

How do I know? Because that is EXACTLY what I called U.S. Senator Phil Gramm back in 1989 and to his face. It didn't do my career advancement in federal law enforcement any favors, but I also didn't get tossed in jail or even reprimanded.

Why do I have a First Amendment? Because I also have a Second Amendment. I have a Second Amendment because I spend less time watching Lost and American Idol and eating Big Macs and more time writing letters and raising hell with my politicians and putting Big Mac money towards groups like the NRA and GOA and TSRA, plus supporting politicians that still believe in, and support, the Second Amendment and the rest of the Constitution.

Hell, we have people RIGHT FREAKING HERE that whine the NRA "isn't perfect" and has "betrayed them." They use that as justification to sit on their sorry dead asses and let the rest of us do the heavy lifting when it comes to defending our freedoms.

Well, BULLSHIT to that!

Without them or any of the other groups, we probably would not even be able to have this discussion. For sure, 90% of anyone who writes or even reads a blog would be tossed in the gulag.

But no, let's whine whine whine like a bunch of junior high girls who lost their tampons.

Liberty and Justice? It's all spelled out in the Declaration and Constitution. If you want it, you got to damn well FIGHT for it and DEFEND it. Preaching and whining to the choir don't cut it. You take the fight to the enemy and you kick them square in the testicles and hit them square in the mouth. You knock them down, then you kick the fecal-matter out of them while they're down and then you finish them off.

"But that's not civilized, Mr. Ordinary American," some will whine. Well kiss my uncivilized ass because that is what it took up through 1776, that's what it took in every major war or battle we've successfully fought and won, and that is what it will take to keep our Liberty and Justice secure for us and generations to come.

If you think it can't be done or don't want to "risk" anything such as your bank account or your house or your belongings, then get the hell out of my country because you're the problem and not the solution.

Apathy is exactly what the enemies of freedom--be it religious or political--count on. Apathy breeds comfort and comfort breeds fear. I was taught in the military to always take a little fear with me as it kept you sharp and focused. Same thing was taught to me in law enforcement.

Liberty and Justice? It's here. It's up to us to KEEP it here!

So, do we still have liberty and freedom here?

Only so long as we continue to fight like hell for it. Marxist Muslim sympathizing pieces of fecal matter like our present President make the fight all the more harder, and often times treacherous.

But that is when the men are separated from the boys. Anyone can--and will--do it when it's easy and risk free.

It's times like these when the real Americans have to stand up and be counted.

And God Bless them, so far they are. I see them in Tea Parties. I see them in rallies. I see them in groups railing against incumbents. I see them in those who supported and got people like Scott Brown, Governor Christie and an entire Virgian top-executive group elected--tossing the incumbent support and mentality drones out on their asses in the process.

These people took tremendous risks, and look at what was gained.

You want Liberty? You want Justice?

Then fight for it, damnit!

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Anonymous said...

I think you were right about Phil gramm.
It will be decades before this nation recovers from the damage that greedy bastard has done.